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Get Virtual Numbers Also

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that our customers ask while choosing sendwo. 

How many WhatsApp messages I can send per day?

We suggest: For Unknown Contacts: Begin by sending 50 messages each day at first, then gradually raise the number of messages to 100/day, 150/day, 200/day, and so on after a few days. Don’t use one WhatsApp account to send more than 1000 messages each day.

Send messages to as many as 5000 known contacts each day for known contacts. 

Note: Although there are no restrictions on the number of messages or accounts you can use with our software, we nevertheless advise against it for safety.

Can I send text messages with photo, audio, video, or PDF attachments?

Yes, you can send text messages with various types of attachments, including photos, audio files, videos, and PDF documents. Sendwo bulk WhatsApp sender allows you to share multimedia files along with your text messages, enhancing your communication experience.

If I send too many WhatsApp messages, will my number be blocked or banned?

It depends on how many messages you are sending to unknown contact numbers and also, how old or new is your Whatsapp account. If you have a new WhatsApp account number with very less conversation happening in it, then we recommend you join multiple WhatsApp active groups where people regularly engage. This makes our number, highly engaging, it gives the impression that your WhatsApp account is in too many conversations on a daily basis. It helps you warm up your account. 

Secondly, you can set up a WhatsApp chatbot using sendwo and engage your two numbers into unlimited bot conversation in two and fro ways. This will help you warm up your accounts. While we use the anti-blocking feature in sendwo where we keep rotating the IP when you do bulk Whatsapp sending but warming up will also help you if you have a new WhatsApp account.  

What are Anti-Blocking Settings?

In our software there are some delay time settings options, you can set them to prevent the chances of blocking.

Do I need to save contacts first in your phonebook to send bulk Whatsapp messages?

No, you don’t have to save those contact numbers on your phone. Simply create an Excel, CSV sheet and upload it inside the sendwo bulk whatsapp sender contact management feature. 

Can I import contact numbers from the WhatsApp group? 

Yes, you can import contact numbers from the WhatsApp groups. You need to be a part of that group in order to extract numbers from them. Just send a Hi message in that group and then go to the export group contacts feature inside the sendwo bulk whatsapp sender app. Hit refresh after sending a “hi” message. You will get the option to download the contact numbers of group participants.

We provide receipt to each and every user for purchase of Sendwo software. Once you make the payment, you just need to enter your company details and go to the download section to view or save your receipt.

Sendwo software does not save any of your private data such as contacts, WhatsApp login details, or any of your private conversations. It is 100% Web app software and only connects the server for login purposes.

We receive thousands of visitors every day. A large number of visitors ask us to provide phone support which is practically not possible. As a result we provide support through Chat during 10-18:00 IST hours and email support. You can email us on

We provide API on request. Contact us to use WhatsApp API and get green tick verification done from us. 

You will never face this problem in our cloud based application until our server goes down. Our server uptime is more than 99% 24/7. Sometimes we may go for schedule maintenance while shall be informed 7 days in advance. 

You can create at least two accounts by simply installing the Regular version of the WhatsApp application and the Business version. If you need more accounts, then you can use the WhatsAap Cloner application. And create the required number of copies of the application that can work independently.


The blocking of the WA account, first of all, occurs due to user complaints about your messages and due to the sending of an advertising message with a link in the very first letter. And how you send, through a service, a program or manually does not really matter. Contact us to get unblocking solutions.

Our live chat support is available 24/6 over the website from 10 am IST to 11 pm IST. Though you may find us online 24/7 also. You can also reach out to us over email or send us a message from our contact us page.

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