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Sell More With WhatsApp Catalog

⦿ Showcase product directly on WhatsApp.
⦿ Complete checkout process enabled.
⦿ Integrate Woocommerce and Shopify.
⦿ Complete abandoned cart recovery on WhatsApp
⦿ Manage inventory on WhatsApp.
💳 No credit card required
WhatsApp catalog

Trusted by the fastest growing brands in rapidly developing economies

Reach More Customers.

Customers can be easily retained on WhatsApp commerce.
⦿ Run exclusive offers of your store on WhatsApp.
⦿ Promote marketing messages of products in the inbox.
⦿ Easily share product catalogues.
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manage more delivery on whatsapp

Manage Order Deliveries

Sent product shipping updates easily.
⦿ Send transaction messages about order updates.
⦿ Add or remove products and orders from WhatsApp.
⦿ Manage refunds and failed cart transactions. 

Easy Ecommerce Experience

Simplify shopping on WhatsApp: browse, ask questions, and order directly within the chat.
⦿ Trigger conversation with the customer before purchase.
⦿ Easy integration with customer customer-friendly payment gateway.
⦿ Run product based Ads on WhatsApp over other platforms.
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Client Testimonial

Use SendWo to engage your prospects through the WhatsApp Business API
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo's official WhatsApp API is a game-changer. It supercharges our marketing efforts, delivering outstanding results and customer engagement."

- Joseph Benny

Visionary Solutions Group
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo revolutionized our marketing strategy. Its official WhatsApp API integration boosted our outreach, making it incredibly efficient and effective."

- Priya Sharma

Stellar Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo empowers us with its official WhatsApp API and much more benefits. Our marketing campaigns reach new heights effortlessly."

- Aishwarya Patel

Quantum Technologies Inc.

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SendWo is a flagship product of Techlithic solutions which is Meta's official Technology partner. Start for free forever plan and unlease the power of WhatsApp marketing.
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