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⚡️ Shopify X WhatsApp API

Shopify Integration With WhatsApp

⦿ Automated Order Notifications.
⦿ Easily connect your Shopify store to SendWo.
⦿ Keep customers informed with instant WhatsApp updates.
⦿ Simplified Webhook Setup for data management.
⦿ Message Templates, Webhook Response Mapping for tailored communication.
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Automate Shopify Orders with SendWo

Streamline order notifications and enhance customer satisfaction.
⦿ Instant Notifications: Send COD and prepaid order alerts via WhatsApp.
⦿ Easy Integration: Connect your Shopify store effortlessly.
⦿ Improve Communication: Keep customers informed, real-time updates.
Verification Documents
Verification Documents

Simplify Order Management

Optimize your e-commerce operations with automated workflows.
⦿ Create Message Templates: Set up customized order notifications.
⦿ Integrate Webhooks To connect Shopify with SendWo.
⦿ Capture Order Data: Efficiently map and manage order information.

Enhance Customer Experience

Ensure timely and accurate communication with your customers.
⦿ Instant WhatsApp Updates: Provide real-time order details.
⦿ Reduce Manual Work: Automate notifications to save time.
⦿ Boost Customer Satisfaction with prompt updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

(?) How do I integrate my Shopify store with SendWo using WhatsApp Webhook Workflow?

To integrate your Shopify store with SendWo, first create a Message Template in SendWo. Then, go to your Shopify admin page, navigate to settings, and select notifications. Create a new webhook, choose Order Creation as the event, and keep the format as JSON. Paste the Webhook Callback URL from SendWo into the URL section and send a test notification. Finally, go back to SendWo, click the Webhook response button, set up your Webhook Response Mapping, and save the webhook.

(?) What types of order notifications can I send with this integration?

With SendWo, you can send various order notifications via WhatsApp, including cash-on-delivery (COD) and prepaid order alerts. This ensures your customers receive timely updates about their purchases.

(?) How does this integration improve customer satisfaction?

By integrating SendWo with your Shopify store, customers receive real-time WhatsApp notifications with details such as order size, color, quantity, and delivery date. This immediate and detailed communication keeps customers informed and satisfied with their purchase experience.

(?) What should I do if the order data is not captured correctly in SendWo?

If the order data is not captured correctly, ensure that the Webhook Callback URL is correctly pasted in the Shopify settings and that the webhook is active. Verify the steps by sending a test notification from Shopify and capturing the response in SendWo. If issues persist, check your Webhook Response Mapping and Data Formatter settings, and consult the SendWo “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow” page for troubleshooting tips.

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