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How To Implement WhatsApp With SendWo

Quick webinar on how you can use SendWo to automate WhatsApp with official API and AI to do broadcasting, marketing, build chatbots & more.
⦿ 02:16 Benefits of WhatsApp Engagement
⦿ 07:28 Strategic Planning and Support
⦿ 13:23 Creating Bots and Workflows
⦿ 05:28 API Integration and Account Management
⦿ 11:32 Message Templates and Bulk Broadcasting
⦿ 16:00 Integration and Team Management, Special Offer

Building AI/Non AI WhatsApp Chatbot On SendWo

Build simple drag and drop AI Powered Chatbot on WhatsApp with OPEN AI API no code solution on SendWo
⦿ 02:21 Trigger Setup
⦿ 06:00 Text-based Interactivity
⦿ 09:25 AI Reply Information
⦿ 3:47 Appointment Booking
⦿ 17:45 AI Reply Setup
⦿ 04:11 User Input Flow
⦿ 07:40 Drag and Drop Tool
⦿ 11:09 Location Reply Setup
⦿ 15:32 Rearranging Elements
⦿ 19:34 Separate API Fees

How To Bulk Broadcast With SendWo

Send Bulk marketing messages to your customer list using SendWo with official WhatsApp API.
⦿ 02:12 WhatsApp API and Support
⦿ 10:05 Uploading and Labeling Contacts
⦿ 18:07 Monitoring and Third-Party Integrations
⦿ 05:10 Creating a Bulk Broadcast
⦿ 15:31 Scheduling and Sending the Broadcast
⦿ 19:56 Setting up Bot Flows and AI Reply

Setting Team Roles On SendWo

You can use SendWo as WhatsApp CRM and define team roles with access levels.
⦿ 00:00 Introduction
⦿ 03:41 Defining Access Levels
⦿ 01:49 Navigating the SendWo Dashboard
⦿ 07:16 CMO demo Access Overview
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SendWo is a flagship product of Techlithic solutions which is Meta's official Tech Provider. Start for a free forever plan and unleash the power of WhatsApp marketing.
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