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⚡️ Customer Support

Attend Customer Inquiries and help on WhatsApp

⦿ Respond quickly and anticipate needs.
⦿ Actively listen & take feedbacks.
⦿ Make your support team proactive to solve problem.
⦿ Integrate AI for customer support.
⦿ Multi-agent Shared Inbox for Customer Support.
💳 No credit card required
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Instant Response to customer
AI Chatbot for 24/7 support service
Quality Management For Feedback
Timely Update Customers
Integrate With CRM, Helpdesk etc

Trusted by the fastest growing brands in rapidly developing economies

Build Good Customer Relations

With WhatsApp, you can offer quick and easy communication.
⦿ Improve customer satisfaction with quick support.
⦿ Handly quality management with feedback.
⦿ Improve reputation with quick replies using AI.
Verification Documents
Verification Documents

Grow Sales In Future

Offer good and quick support to build trust leading to sales.
⦿ Increase repeat customers by offering instant support. 
⦿ Nurture loyalty to reduce churn and maximize lifetime value.
⦿ Deepen engagement to boost retention and CLTV.

Streamline, Connect, Empower

Automate tasks to enhance support team collaboration.
⦿ Unify responses to customer pre-sales and support inquiries.
⦿ Use automated chatbots to answer common support queries.
⦿ Escalate complex questions to your support team.
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Client Testimonial

Use SendWo to engage your prospects through the WhatsApp Business API
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo's official WhatsApp API is a game-changer. It supercharges our marketing efforts, delivering outstanding results and customer engagement."

- Joseph Benny

Visionary Solutions Group
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo revolutionized our marketing strategy. Its official WhatsApp API integration boosted our outreach, making it incredibly efficient and effective."

- Priya Sharma

Stellar Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Sendwo Testimonial
"Sendwo empowers us with its official WhatsApp API and many more benefits. Our marketing campaigns reach new heights effortlessly."

- Aishwarya Patel

Quantum Technologies Inc.

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SendWo is a flagship product of Techlithic solutions which is Meta's official Technology partner. Start for free forever plan and unlease the power of WhatsApp marketing.
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