How to Convert WhatsApp to Business Account

The last few years have witnessed the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Several social media platforms help in marketing these businesses, and WhatsApp is one of the most popular among them. With over 2 billion users, it is the largest growing platform, which makes it imperative for business operations. And for this, one should have a WhatsApp Business Account.

Want to know how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account? No worries. In this blog, we will guide you through the process with very easy steps!


In the present digital landscape, WhatsApp Business is a valuable platform for businesses to connect and nurture relationships with their customers and simultaneously showcase their products and services.

WhatsApp Bussiness Account not only enhances customer interaction but also boosts the brand visibility of the businesses.

Whether you are running a small business or have a large-scale multinational, with WhatsApp Business, a professional business profile can be created to connect with customers and expand their reach.

Unlock the Key Features of WhatsApp Business Account

Before knowing how to convert WhatsApp to business account, let’s be engrossed with some of its business-friendly features. This will help you understand how it is suitable for your requirements and also the added features you can avail of.

➡️The App Icons: Know your WhatsApp Icons. You must know that the personal WhatsApp Messaging application has the symbol of the telephone handset in a text bubble, whereas the WhatsApp Business application has a ‘B’ inside of the text bubble, signifying ‘Business’. Look out for this symbol while downloading from the Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store (for iOS users).

➡️Updating Business Details to your Profile: While creating your WhatsApp Business Account, you need to enter your Business details like Business name, phone number, address, and timings. It also allows you to enter additional details like product or service catalog so that your customers can view them easily. These additions ensure an enhanced customer experience. It not only helps to boost credibility but also builds a brand for the customers.

➡️Additional features like Auto-reply or Away Message: With a WhatsApp Business Account, you can avail of features like auto-reply and away messages to help you send quick replies to customers and enhance their customer experience. This is not possible in your regular WhatsApp messenger. Here, people can only view your Online status and your last seen status, that too if these are activated. The additional features make WhatsApp Business more suitable for Business operations. Therefore, you must know how to convert WhatsApp to a Business Account.

➡️Chat Labels: WhatsApp Business allows you to create chat labels for customers. You can create labels for old and new customers, returning customers, customers whose payments are pending, and the like. This feature truly helps you manage your business better. Whereas in the regular WhatsApp application, you cannot avail of these features. This is why you must know how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account.

➡️Advanced Search Settings: When you are using WhatsApp Business, then you can use more features like the advanced search filters to help you search for messages more accurately, and this feature is unavailable on personal WhatsApp messenger.

➡️Check Message Statistics: WhatsApp Business also allows you to check message statistics, like the number of messages sent, received, and read, to help you keep track of your messages and manage your Account better. You will not find these features in a regular WhatsApp account, and that is why a Business account proves more advantageous.

Now, you must have understand how WhatsApp business accounts are deemed to have a competitive advantage. If you are an entrepreneur or running a business, you must know how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account. If you are still unsure, let’s first discuss the prime requirement to start with having a WhatsApp Business Account.

Checklist in the Process of How to Convert WhatsApp to Business Account

Let us quickly discuss the checklist to be kept in mind on how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account.

✅You must register for a WhatsApp business account with a phone number. You cannot use the same number for both personal and business accounts.

✅Either you should register for the WhatsApp Business account using a new number, or your Account will be converted into a Business Account.

How to Convert WhatsApp to Business Account

Now that you are aware of the key features of a WhatsApp Business Account, we will guide you on how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account.

  • Step 1: Take a Backup of your WhatsApp Messenger if you want to retain older chats. You can do it by selecting Settings> Chats> Chat Backup> Back up. It can be done easily on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Step 2: Go to Play Store (for Android users) and Apple Store (for iOS users). Now, Update your WhatsApp Messenger Application.
  • Step 3: Now Download the WhatsApp Business Messenger Application from the Play Store (for Android Users) or Apple Store (for iOS users).
Steps on how to convert Whatsapp to business account
  • Step 4: Open the WhatsApp Business Application and Read the Terms of Service. Click on Agree and Continue.
  • Step 5: Now you will come across two options:
    • 1. Continue with your existing WhatsApp number
    • 2. Use a different WhatsApp number.
  • If you are using a different WhatsApp number, then you should go through the verification process. If you are using the same number, then go to the next step directly:
  • Step 6: Select Continue and click Allow. This process permits WhatsApp to access your previous chats and contacts.
Steps on how to convert whatsapp to business account
  • Step 7: You can either Create your Business Profile now (if you have logged in through a new number) or edit your Profile (if you are using the same number).

Once this is done, you have successfully created your Business WhatsApp Account. Congratulations! Now you know how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account.

Advantages of a WhatsApp Business Account

Here are some key pointers of the assured advantages of a WhatsApp Business account, making it beneficial for you to know how to convert WhatsApp to Business Account:

✅Maintaining quick and direct communication with clients and building a strong connection with them.

✅Helps to ensure fast service, personalized assistance, resolving queries, and easy resolution of queries to build trust with customers.

✅Seamless management of orders and transactions helps save time and manual work.

✅Access to analytics and insights that help understand customer behavior and satisfaction, thus helping to ensure a better customer experience.

✅Facilitating targeted marketing and promotions to interested customers to help boost sales and conversion rates.

✅It is an inexpensive tool for communicating with the target audience and managing your business communication.

WhatsApp is now a quintessential tool for business operations, and newer upgrades and features are enhancing it every day. Therefore, it is best to know how to convert WhatsApp to business account to ensure better management and client satisfaction.

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