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September 25, 2023

How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is swiftly growing into an online business platform, helping small and big business owners reach their clients and build healthy bonds. It has become a strong business communication tool to increase sales and conversions, reach the target audience, and resolve queries and complaints. Are you a business owner and want your brand to stand out while WhatsApp marketing? Then, you must know about WhatsApp green tick and how to get green tick on WhatsApp.

✪ The WhatsApp green tick stands as an emblem of an authentic WhatsApp business; therefore, it instantly assures your authenticity to the clients.

What does the Green Tick on a WhatsApp Account Signify?

The Green tick on a WhatsApp business is a sign of verification, indicating that the Business account is authentic and trustworthy. If a business account on WhatsApp desires to get the green tick, they have to go through a process of verification and adhere to the eligibility criteria of WhatsApp.

How does a WhatsApp Green Tick help Boost a Business?

A green tick on a WhatsApp Business account can be favorable to a business. Here are some ways in which it will be helpful:

  • The green tick on your WhatsApp business account will signify that your business is genuine. It will thus help in building trust among your customers.
  • It is a sign of authenticity that will help build the reputation of your business and, in turn, help your clients to engage and convert.
  • Enhances the branding and overall brand image of your Business.

The above points are crucial to building a successful business, which is why you should know how to get green tick on WhatsApp.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to receive the WhatsApp Green Tick?

Here are some requirements for applying for the Green Tick Verification on WhatsApp:

 You must begin the verification process through your WhatsApp Business API account only. Remember, you cannot apply through your personal WhatsApp Account.

 Should have a tier-2 or above messaging level.

 Your WhatsApp Business Account must have Facebook Business Verification as well.

 The 2-factor authentication must be enabled on your account

 Your brand must have at least 3-5 organic PR coverage.

If you can tick off the above-mentioned criteria, only then can you apply and get to apply for the WhatsApp Green tick.

The decision to award the green tick lies in the hands of META. You must adhere to all the criteria, but it does not assure you the green tick. META will run its scrutiny and then decide to award you the WhatsApp green tick.

Keep reading to know how to get green tick on WhatsApp.

How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp: Detailed Procedure and Steps

If the above requirements are met, you can apply for the green tick verification process on WhatsApp. Here is a detailed guide to the process through the META Business Manager:

🗸 STEP 1:

Open META Business Manager. Then go to Business Settings→ WhatsApp Accounts → WhatsApp Manager

🗸 STEP 2

Select Account Tools on the left toolbar.

🗸 STEP 3

Click on ‘phone number.’ This will open your WhatsApp account details.

🗸 STEP 4

Select Profile, fill in all the required information, and select Submit Request. Your request for an Official WhatsApp Business account is submitted for verification.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your WhatsApp Official API with green tick WhatsApp accounts set up in less than 20 minutes through SendWo.

What if the Request for WhatsApp Green Tick is Rejected?

Did your application get rejected? Don’t worry! WhatsApp gives you a chance to reapply for the verification process after 30 days. So you will be able to apply for it in a month!

Our Tip: We would suggest a few tips that you can try to get the green tick the next time you apply:

➤➤➤ Increase your WhatsApp engagement and communications to reach the messaging level of tier 2 or above.

➤➤➤ Boost your media coverage and avoid paid PR. As per Meta, a notable business will only get verified on WhatsApp.

➤➤➤ You can increase interaction by attaching a WhatsApp Widget to your website and inserting your WhatsApp link to social media handles.

Do not get dejected if your application gets rejected! We are here to guide you on how to get green tick on WhatsApp. You can always try again!

Can You Take the Help of Business Service Providers to Get WhatsApp Green Tick?

In case you are using WhatsApp Business API, you can get some help in your application process from a Business Solution Provider or BSP. The level and manner of assistance will depend from business to business, so you must directly connect with the BSP of your choice to discuss the procedure and details.

How Can BSPs Help You?

A BSP will assist you in applying to an Official Business account to WhatsApp on your behalf. They will also provide you with all the instructions on the procedure and simplify your process. The entire process of submitting a request for WhatsApp verification can take roughly up to three weeks.

Certain things you should keep in mind while taking the help of BSPs:

  1. Most BSPs will require some fees for the service they provide. The charges will vary from business to business.
  2. The BSP will only assist in applying on your behalf. The decision to award the green tick is in the hands of META. So, the BSP will not be responsible if your application is rejected.

Some Businesses That Cannot Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

WhatsApp has some strict policies for businesses that cannot apply for the Green Tick verification process:

  • Tobacco Products
  • Gambling Businesses
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol Brands
  • Live Animals
  • Weapon Businesses
  • Adult Product/ Services
  • Dating Services
  • Medical Products/ Brands
  • Cryptocurrency

If your business is not on this list, then there is no reason to worry.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to get green tick on WhatsApp, follow the guide and take your business up a notch!

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