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September 25, 2023

WhatsApp Business App : A powerful tool to ace your Business

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WhatsApp Business App is used by companies, generally small businesses to optimize their presence and operations on the social media and to connect with customers on a greater scale. Let’s discuss in detail what it is , how it actually helps businesses of all size to grow and the most important of all as to how can you set-up your business on WhatsApp and use the world’s biggest messaging app in your Favour!!

Let’s delve into the article.

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What is a WhatsApp Business App?

Since long companies have used WhatsApp as a means to expand their business, the accounts used by them were normal personal accounts and this led to WhatsApp creating a special app just for businesses.

The WhatsApp business app is a business messaging app specifically for small businesses. But at the same time the app can be useful for businesses of all sizes, from small local shops to large multinational companies. It offers additional features as compared to WhatsApp which helps in strong interaction with the customers through improve communication.

WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business vs. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is a messenger app used for day to day, personal communications with friends and families while WhatsApp Business is used by small business to communicate with their customers and set-up orders. WhatsApp Business API on the other hand is designed for larger SMB teams who are managing more customer requests.

How to Create a WhatsApp Business App Account?

You can create a WhatsApp Business App Account by following these steps:

  1. Download WhatsApp business app from the play store or the apple store.
  2. Set-up your business profile.
  3. Fill all the details and you are good to go.

Why should you use WhatsApp Business App?

We will discuss as how WhatsApp Business helps businesses to interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages which ultimately helps to drive sales and grow business.

Helps in creating brand connections

Establishing powerful connections with customers is the key to building their brand for any business, WhatsApp provides you with a opportunity for one on one, personal and meaningful conversations with your customers that help your customers connect with your brand and feel a part of your campaign.

Connect with customers where they are comfortable at

Compared to previous generations, nowadays the conversation has entirely shifted to social media platforms as compared to telephones, SMS or email. Customers now prefer to text you regarding any concern or compliment they might have rather than call you for the same. So approaching customers at a place they feel comfortable in works for both of you.

Capture your customers globally

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app in the world. It has over 2 billion active users worldwide, 100 billion messages are sent each day, a average user spends around 38 – 40 minutes on WhatsApp everyday, making it the most used mobile messenger app in the world and with such a huge reach why should you not use it for your own advantage?

Master two – sided conversations

Conversations are always a two way street, both the entities need to participate in it to make it meaningful. WhatsApp offers you that facility which allows you to interact with your customers and have a direct conversation with them regarding their needs and how you can help them without them having to place a call, send a email or even look at your website.

WhatsApp messages are private and secure

WhatsApp is one of most secure messaging apps with its end to end encryption and strict attention to protecting subscriber privacy. It provides customers with a familiar yet secure to interact with your business without having any safety concern and helps in building a trust with your business.

Features of WhatsApp business app:

Lets discuss some of the driving go crazy features of WhatsApp business app.

Quick Replies

This feature allows support teams to set-up keyboard shortcuts for simple, repetitive questions – so that teams do not have to waste time and resources on same problems.


WhatsApp business allows businesses to set-up a catalog to display their products. It is a easy to use feature which helps you display your products without having to build a e-commerce website from scratch. WhatsApp allows you to add 500 products with a 5000 word description each, attach a link, display their price, organize by item code.

Automatic messages

WhatsApp business app allows you to send customers greetings to welcome them to to let them know that their messages were acknowledged. It can also be used to send messages to customers to let them know when they will receive a response to their questions if the agents are busy in the moment.

Outbound notifications

According to statistics 85 percent of customers like to receive proactive communications i.e. they like to be informed status of their orders, track it’s arrival, know about sales and discounts etc. So as a small business on WhatsApp it helps to keep your customers informed about your forthcoming events and make them feel a part of your brand.

Media messages

Conversations filled with rich media like images, documents, audio, stickers, videos make it more customer friendly.


Customer service is one of the key area a business must improve upon if it wants to build a trust with their customers and retain them. Chatbots ensure that customers get a instant response to customers queries whenever the agent is busy or not available, this helps in making the customer feel valued.

Sendwo logo transparent 300x109 1

SENDWO‘ a WhatsApp marketing software provides you with all these and many more features to help your business grow. It is trusted by over 1500 businesses and if you want to optimize your business consider visiting our website to know more.

How to attract customers on WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp business app though has it’s features gaining customers on it is a difficult and crucial question for any small business. Here we’ll tell you how you can gain customers using means that will attract your customers to communicate with your business on WhatsApp.

Use your Facebook Page Traffic 

WhatsApp and Facebook being under one umbrella corporation i.e. Meta Platforms your WhatsApp business account can be linked to your Facebook page to divert whatever traffic is being generated there to your WhatsApp business account to interact with your customers.

Use your Website Traffic

You can display your WhatsApp link using the short links provided by WhatsApp Business App on your website pages to funnel the traffic present on your website to your WhatsApp Business App.

Using QR Codes

QR codes can be displayed if you have physical stores where a considerable amount of foot traffic is available on day to day basis. You can place a printout of your QR code which will help customers to add your number on WhatsApp and start a conversation without any hassle.

To create a QR, go to Settings->Business Tools->Short link->QR Code. You can also generate QR code using other websites like ‘QRTIGER’.

Measuring Business Success

  1. Tracking message statistics : Quantifying WhatsApp Business success by tracking message statistic/counts.
  2. Analysing customer engagement : Gaining insights into WhatsApp Business performance through monitoring customer engagement.
  3. Utilizing customer feedback : Assessing the success of WhatsApp Business by incorporating customer input.

Examples of successful businesses using the app

  • Snap Travel
  • PATH
  • Deliveroo
  • Hays

Some commonly asked questions regarding WhatsApp Business APP

  • Is the WhatsApp Business free?

Yes WhatsApp business is a free to download App available on Android and IOS.

  • Can I have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

Yes one can use WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously till the accounts are linked to different phone numbers.

  • How much does it cost to set up a WhatsApp Business account?

There are no costs to set-up a WhatsApp Business Account.

  • Can I hide my number on WhatsApp Business?

No there is no way to hide your number on WhatsApp.

  • Do I need a separate number for WhatsApp Business?

Yes you will require a different business number for your WhatsApp business account but you can use both the apps on the same device.

  • Can WhatsApp Business account see your status?

No, WhatsApp business does not update status activity of user on business profile.

So that is all regarding WhatsApp Business App, hope this article helped with whatever query you had. If you are a small business looking to build your brand on social media platforms especially on WhatsApp then do visit our website i.e. ‘’ to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you set-up your business on WhatsApp.

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