September 26, 2023

WhatsApp Business: Build Strong Customer relationship

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WhatsApp is a great tool for business but using normal WhatsApp App for business does not have much impact and that and that is why WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business service. This is a set of features exclusive for business owners to run their businesses on WhatsApp without much hassle.

Now let’s understand all about WhatsApp Business.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a platform for business owners to set-up and expand their business no matter how small or large it may be. This feature was launched in 2018 when WhatsApp discovered that a lot of businesses where using personal app for business purposes.

This realization led to the introduction of WhatsApp Business which is now used by 50 million businesses worldwide.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business:

Some of the major benefits are o

1. Take advantage of the huge number:

WhatsApp as you might already know is one of the widely used messaging app of our times. Over 175 million people message a business everyday, so why not set-up you business on WhatsApp to turn some part of that 175 million people into your own customers.

2. Use WhatsApp marketing campaigns to boost your sales:

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for marketing. You can run WhatsApp approved ads with Click to Chat ad links, or using WhatsApp Template messaging or through WhatsApp Broadcasting. All this with a already set-up WhatsApp catalog is bound to bring you new customers.

3. Great customer service and satisfaction:

WhatsApp allows you to provide customers with quick replies, specifically curated messages and more for any queries or doubts they might have. You can provide customers with contact number of agents to contact the in case of queries. Also you can conduct customer feedback surveys to know what improvements you need to make to your business or what new items or products your customers want your business to launch.

4. Spread you business via WhatsApp Yellow Pages:

WhatsApp Yellow Pages are a business directory developed by WhatsApp in which customers in close proximity to your business can visit your business profile, read your business details that you mention and interact with you.

All you have to do is to get your business registered on this business directory to stay ahead of your competitors.

5. Streamline Operations : 

The feature helps businesses to streamline their operations by allowing employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

6. Cost-efficient :

It is a cost-efficient feature since it eliminates or reduces the cost of SMS and phone calls.

Types of WhatsApp Business Accounts:

There are two types of accounts that businesses can use:

1. WhatsApp Business App Account:

This account is usually used by businesses who are small or medium i.e. businesses with 1-10 employees maximum and not a large customer base. In this account, you can set-up Quick Replies and automated greeting messages.

You can use up to 5 devices on this account i.e. 1 phone and 4 additional devices and if you subscribe to WhatsApp Business Premium, you can connect maximum of 10 devices. Remember that you can connect to your account with only a single phone and the rest of devices need to be connected via WhatsApp Web.

2. API Account:

WhatsApp API accounts are for large organizations who primarily focus on marketing, broadcasting, running ad campaigns, setting up their catalogs and using third party software’s to automate their businesses. You can set-up Chatbots, automated greeting messages, abandoned cart recoveries, product recommendations and more.

‘SendWo’ is one such WhatsApp software that provides all the solutions to your troubles and helps you in getting your Business automated via all the features mentioned above and to be a step above your competition.

SendWo : An all-in-one WhatsApp Marketing Automation Cloud Software

Let us explore some of the features of SendWo

  • Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
  • WhatsApp Chatbot
  • WhatsApp Autoresponders
  • Export Group Contacts
  • Track Campaigns Analytics
  • Media Files Management
  • Multiple WhatsApp Account.
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers

Avail the 24 Hours Full features Free Trial with SendWo. No credit card required.

Know the pricing for these accounts:

Now that you have understood the different types of accounts and their features, let’s understand their pricings.

For WhatsApp Business App:

This type of account is free to use just like the WhatsApp App for personal messaging. The only costs you may incur is to buy a new sim card to set-up a new account or a new phone if needed. Else there’s no charges that need to be paid to WhatsApp to use their services.

For API Account:

To use WhatsApp API you have to pay various charges. The first is the rate that BSPs(Business Service Provides) charge you. Sometimes BSPs charge more to earn themselves a good margin of profit. If you use Cloud API directly from Meta then you have to pay WhatsApp according to your conversations. There are two types of charges : user – initiated conversations and business – initiated conversations.

User initiated rates are charged when users message the business first which opens a 24 hour window during which businesses are charged this rate.

Business initiated rates are charged when businesses initiated a conversation with customers after the 24 hour messaging window.

WhatsApp Business : Advance Features

WhatsApp Business is a pretty special application but why? We have informed you all about what it is, it’s types, it’s prices but what is it that really makes it an ideal platform for businesses? We’ll tell you:

WhatsApp Pay:

This feature allows customers to make transactions via WhatsApp only and without any third party interference. This feature though is not available in every country due it’s rules and regulations. It’s only used right now in Brazil, India and for some selected users in US.

WhatsApp Catalog:

WhatsApp Catalog allows customers to display their products with a detailed description of up to 5000 words and 10 images per item. This allows businesses to encourage customers who are in conversation with them to window shop their products, leading to a potential sale.

WhatsApp Cart:

Customers can add the products they like to the cart and buy the products by confirming it with the business. They can make payment through either WhatsApp pay(if available) or via any third-party payment gateway to confirm their purchase.

WhatsApp Broadcasting:

WhatsApp Broadcasting is a feature where businesses are allowed to broadcast any form of content to 256 people per broadcast list at a time. Using labels provided in WhatsApp Business apps allow you to send your broadcast to the right set of customers.So, to conclude WhatsApp Business is the platform you need to make most of to compete and stand apart from your competitors. It makes managing, marketing and monetizing your business far easier as compared to any other application or platform.

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