September 26, 2023

WhatsApp Group Link : Unlock the power to boost your business

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WhatsApp Group Links are very effective tool that businesses can use to bring all your customers to your WhatsApp Group and send them useful information regarding your business at the same time. Though adding all your customers manually is a tedious task and hence WhatsApp Group Link helps you in making this tedious task a simple one.

This article will unfold and answer all queries related to as how to create, invite and spread your business using WhatsApp Group Link and every small details.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

WhatsApp has introduced the feature to generate the link to your group and invite all your customers to your group. Businesses can invite contacts and non-contacts both to their groups by sending the link. This allows your customers to join and share your group with heir contacts as well without asking you to add them.

You can generate a link for your WhatsApp Group on your WhatsApp Business App in the following steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Group that you want to generate an invite link for.
  2. Tap on the name of the Group.
  3. Under Participants you will find an option to Invite to Group via Link.
  4. Select that option and copy the link to your WhatsApp Group.

Your link has been generated and now you can share this link to all your customers and invite them to join your WhatsApp Group.

You can share your WhatsApp Group link via three methods: Either Share your link, Copy your link or send your QR code to your customers. You can share your link via WhatsApp or through other messaging channels such as email, SMS or using other social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram.

You can Copy your Link and paste it, generally in your WhatsApp conversations with your customers and in your WhatsApp Statuses and also on other social media applications to effectively use your invite link.

You can also generate QR code to allow your customers to scan them which will lead them directly to your WhatsApp group. You can set-up print outs of QR code in your physical stores or also display them on your websites.

There is also the option to reset your invite link, if you do this then your old link is no longer valid and your customers no longer can use that link.

Note : Any WhatsApp user you share an invite link with can join the group, so only use this feature with trusted individuals. It’s possible for someone to forward the link to other people. If so, those other people can also join the group and the group admin won’t be asked to approve those people before they join.

The advanced features allow businesses to have a better control and manage their WhatsApp group links. This helps to improve communication and engagement with the customer within the group. Let’s us now discuss the features ;

  1. Joining groups through QR code : WhatsApp group links can be converted into a QR code, which can be scanned to join the group. This makes it easy for people to join a group without manually typing the long link.
  2. Opening WhatsApp in specific group with deep linking : It is a powerful tool for directing customers to specific groups for support and customer service.
  3. Group link shortening : This can be useful for businesses who want to share a group link on social media or some other platforms. This feature allow businesses to make link more manageable and easier to share.
  4. Group Description : In a WhatsApp group link ,group description can be added, which helps the users to understand the group preferences and its type. This helps the customer in decision making whether to join a group or not.
  5. Group invite settings : This is a useful feature for businesses that want to control who can invite new members to a group.
  6. Group broadcasting : WhatsApp allows group admin to broadcast message to all the members of the group. This is useful for businesses to send important announcements or updates to all the members at once.

Let us know some of the specific ways in which a WhatsApp group link can help in scaling a business include ;

  1. Efficient and Effective Communication: It allows users an easy and instant communication within a group. This feature can be particularly useful for businesses having a remote teams or a large customer base.
  2. Enhancing Performance : Since the feature allow to have all group members in one place, it become easy for the businesses to share any information, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
  3. Optimizing Resources : WhatsApp is a free and easy-to-use platform, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes to showcase its product or services.
  4. Easy access to customers and clients : With a WhatsApp group link, businesses can easily connect with customers and clients and respond directly to the queries thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Outreach a larger audience : Businesses can easily expand their reach and attract new customers and clients since WhatsApp is most easy and popular platform.
  6. Enhance customer service : The feature enables businesses to provide better customer service by having a dedicated group for customer support.
  7. Scaling customer engagement : Businesses can create a community or group of customers, which can help to increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  8. Brand building : The feature allow businesses to create a brand identity and build a loyal customer base.


Though WhatsApp group links is a valuable tool for businesses, there are some limitations which includes:

  1. Limited group member count: There is a limit of 256 members per group. Businesses with a larger customer base need to create multiple groups to handle a larger number of contacts.
  2. Lack of automation and scalability: WhatsApp group links do not provide automation features such as scheduled messages, automated responses, or bulk messaging capabilities. This can make it difficult for businesses to scale their communication efforts.
  3. Limited analytics : WhatsApp group links do not provide detailed analytics or performance, making it difficult for businesses to measure the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

Now that we are well versed with the limitation of the feature, we need to search for some alternative to overcome these constraints and WhatsApp marketing solutions is one of such things.

SendWo is one such Cloud-based WhatsApp marketing solutions which can help to overcome these limitations by providing businesses with advanced features such as automation, scalability, analytics, and targeted marketing capabilities.

SendWo : Cloud based WhatsApp Marketing Solution for businesses and individuals

SendWo offer features that helps a business of any size or individuals reach more potential customers and increase sales, making it profitable. It allow the businesses to automate and streamline communication with customers through WhatsApp. This include things like sending bulk messages, creating and managing WhatsApp campaigns through special features like Chatbot, Autoresponder. At the same time it provides with the custom buttons, extra storage and managing contacts

Last but not the least, it allows the businesses to have an easy access and analyse customer interactions, which helps identify the trends and improve customer engagement

Start a free trial for one day with SendWo and automate different operations for your business to grow.

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