September 25, 2023

WhatsApp Marketing : An Easy way to Boost Business Growth

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In this new age, where you can build and run a business from WhatsApp, why not use WhatsApp marketing to boost your business to a wider audience, make connections and increase your sales.

Want to learn how to do that? Will tell you all about WhatsApp Marketing it in this article.

What is WhatsApp marketing?

When you use WhatsApp market to promote your business product and services is referred as WhatsApp marketing. This may include things like sending bulk messages, creating and managing WhatsApp campaigns, and integrating with other marketing tools to build customer relationship.

What does WhatsApp offer better in comparison to other marketing methods?

Traditional marketing involves new ways for catching the eye of the customers and then converting it to new customers or to new sales. This generally requires businesses to run ads on newspapers, billboards or any other publicly visible facilities. But for businesses who are small in number or just getting started it’s difficult for them to have to run ads physically as they do not possess the necessary funds.

So marketing on WhatsApp solves your money problems by allowing you to run ads on WhatsApp business app or WhatsApp Business API for free to a large number of customers.

Why prefer WhatsApp marketing to other digitally marketing sources?

Over the last decade, businesses started to use emails as a way to spread their business. But nowadays emails don’t have the same impact as way back. As per recent statistics email has an open rate of 15% that means 85% of the people who receive your emails won’t even look at them whereas WhatsApp marketing provides you with much engaging audience where you can group and target your audience according to the preferences of customers as well as business.

Let’s understand the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing for a business of any size:

By now the concept of WhatsApp Marketing is clear. Let us discuss the benefits of it irrespective of any sizes of the business.

1. Maximizing Customer Engagement

WhatsApp is a platform which allows businesses to directly interact and communicate with customers in a more personal way, which helps in increase customer engagement and knowing the preferences as per the needs. This also helps in creating loyalty within the customer base.

2. Untapping new customers

Since WhatsApp’s is the largest platform for messaging, it allow user base provides businesses with access to a vast potential customer base.

3. Cost-effective

The feature is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing channels, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

4. Varied Features

WhatsApp provides you with varying and additional features. Such as Click to chat, ads and links. To allow you to generate the leads and contacts. Hand built potential customers and generate new sales.

Prerequisites for getting started with WhatsApp marketing:

In this section of article we will let you know the steps to get start with WhatsApp Marketing.

1. Build your WhatsApp marketing accounts:

WhatsApp has two types of apps i.e. WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API, you can choose whatever app works best for your business and build you complete profile on that app. WhatsApp Business App is generally used by small businesses whereas WhatsApp API works best for medium to large business.

2. Know the costs, rules and regulations:

WhatsApp Business App is free of cost but WhatsApp API incurs costs. WhatsApp API includes WhatsApp conversation fees, BSP’s fee and Whatever fee the third party software requires. Using ‘SendWo’ as a software to automate and regulate your business for the lowest of costs.

WhatsApp has set some rules that businesses need to follow:

  • Do not spam your customers.
  • Send message templates that are approved by WhatsApp and if of good quality.
  • Follow WhatsApp Business and Commerce Policies.

Follow these steps to Execute your WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to the fullest:

1. Use WhatsApp links and QRs to gain customers:

You can only send promotional messages to customers once they contact you first. To encourage customers to message you first, you have to get creative and use QR codes and Click to Chat links effectively with your campaign ads to generate new leads.

2. Customizing your customers:

Keep a tab on what types, rates, qualities, colors of product your customers are interested in and group people with same taste together, which helps you target them during a sale of during some special offers.

3. Make use of WhatsApp catalogs to display your business:

WhatsApp Catalog is a great way for businesses to display their products with detailed description and images. This helps customers to view your products and checkout the products they like.

4. Send Promotional Broadcasts:

After you have segmented your customers, you can send them relevant promotional messages. Segmenting customers helps you to organize and send those messages only to the interested parties rather than to every customer which may been seen as spamming.

5. Upsell & Cross-sell using WhatsApp bot flows:

WhatsApp API allows you to run bots to help you track and recommend products similar to the ones your customers have browsed through or purchased recently. Product recommendations hold a major percentage of sales that happen.

6. Abandoned Cart messages:

Your customers will browse through your products once your catalog is set-up. Customers are allowed to add their favorite items to the cart and a lot of times customers may not checkout the products and just leave them abandoned in the cart. This gives you an opportunity to send customers reminder and recommend similar products to them.

7. Create awareness using Status feature:

You can use the WhatsApp Status feature to advertise your products or to let your customers know about new offers, sales or product updates. Make sure to not have more than 7 stories at a time and avoid spamming on your Status.

8. Conduct surveys and Encourage referrals:

Customer feedback surveys are very important to build brand trust and to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers feedbacks helps you understand what areas you need to work on during your next ad campaigns.

Provide your customers with referral bonuses to ensure they recommend you business to their family and friends. You can provide your the customers buying products through someone’s referral a discount or some offer too.


In the new era WhatsApp marketing is a powerful way to promote and grow your business showcasing the products and services through maximum engagement of customers. However there are some limitations associated such as :

  1. Limited targeting options
  2. Limited analytics
  3. Limited design options
  4. Limited audience
  5. Limited automation
  6. Limited links

To overcome these limitation different WhatsApp Marketing Solutions can be used by businesses in many ways. SendWo is one such cloud based WhatsApp Marketing Solution for businesses and individuals who’s customers are present in WhatApp. Lets us see some of the striking features of SendWo which will definitely helps to scale the business ;

SendWo : Offering WhatsApp Marketing Solutions

SendWo helps in automation and integration in WhatsApp marketing to reach maximum potential customers and scale the operation to new heights.

An all-in-one WhatsApp Marketing Automation Software : SendWo

  • Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
  • WhatsApp Chatbot
  • WhatsApp Autoresponders
  • Export Group Contacts
  • Track Campaigns Analytics
  • Media Files Management
  • Multiple WhatsApp Account.
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers

So what are you waiting for !

Come and unlock one day free trial with SendWo and help your business to grow.

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