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September 25, 2023

WhatsApp QR Code : Powerful tool for branding and elevating Business

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WhatsApp QR code is one of the most essential tool used in today’s world. It helps you add another person to your contact with having to manually enter his number, all you need to do is just scan the QR.

WhatsApp QR Code provides businesses with a feature to give their users a hassle-less way to communicate them and helps them in spreading their business throughout the world.

WhatsApp QR Code : What is it and how does it work?

WhatsApp QR Code is a feature that allows users to scan the QR code and message the persons with any need to add him to contact book first. It allows businesses to contact their customers easily and start a conversation easily.

WhatsApp QR Code allows users to add users to their contact, to a group or to start a conversation with them in a instant. The user just has to scan the QR code of the user he wants to add or have a conversation with. It helps user in avoiding the long route to having a conversation on WhatsApp.

Why should you use WhatsApp QR Code?

WhatsApp QR code is a efficient tool for any business to promote and scale their businesses around the world. It allows them to connect with their customers and market without making their customers add them or make them search around for their contact info.

Now, let us understand how this tool helps in boosting business.

Scaling business through WhatsApp QR Code

  1. Creating Deeper Relationships with Customers : QR Code enables customers for instant messages and easily initiate conversations with different businesses on WhatsApp. This helps businesses to provide more customized conversations and one to one relation with the customers.
  2. Increasing Revenue through sales and coversions : With a personalized interface with the customers QR Code build a satisfied, strong and a loyal relations which leads to driving sales and booming revenue.
  3. Saving cost through streamlining operations : WhatsApp offers businesses to directly address queries and provide support system which reduces the cost on customer service and other operations parallel to it.
  4. Strong communication and collaboration with customers : WhatsApp allows one to one communication with customers and addressing queries and providing support. This helps businesses to know their customer a better way with the customise needs and preferences which leads to amplified collaboration between customers and businesses.
  5. Expanding reach and untapping potential : Since WhatsApp is a global and the most popular platform for messaging, scaling the business worldwide and outreaching different customer can be very easy through QR Code.

With the above pointers it is very evident how WhatsApp QR Code is a powerful tool to scale your business and optimize the customer base worldwide. So, now let us understand how to generate it.

How to Generate WhatsApp QR Code

You can generate a QR Code using WhatsApp in the following steps:

Step 1) Open WhatsApp

Step 2) Go to settings and select the QR icon present next to your name.

Step 3) Here you will find your QR Code and you can share it with everyone.

Why use a WhatsApp QR code generator

There are various advantages of using a QR code generator for WhatsApp:

  • Helps in tracking and analyzing your WhatsApp QR code

Using a QR code generator you can track where, when and how is your QR doing in the marketplace. It helps businesses in providing an overview of where is their majority traffic coming from and what all places they have to improve upon.

You can use Google Analytics to track your QR code and learn more about your customers and their behaviors.

  • Editing Existing QR codes

WhatsApp generated QR codes are static i.e they cannot be edited after being created but using a QR code generator helps you in that regard by generating a ‘Dynamic QR’ which can be editing in the long run.

It may happen that your contact info might change or that your QR code is re-directing your customers to the wrong or a different group. In that case you can edit your dynamic QR code to provide your customers with the right message instead of re-distributing the QR codes.

  • Adding WhatsApp to your Social Media QR code

You can generate a QR code linked to all your social media platforms including WhatsApp which will provide your customers with a one stop destination to visit all your social media platforms and learn everything about your company.

You can generate such a QR using ‘QRTIGER’s QR CODE GENERATOR’.

  • Customize your QR codes

Using a QR code generator you can customize your QR’s to make unique and something that connects them to you business. You can customize it to a different color or include your companies logo to give users a special experience.

How to create QR code for WhatsApp using QR code generator

  • Generate your WhatsApp link

Using this link generate your WhatsApp link :

Follow the steps given in the site to generate your link.


QRTIGER is one of the most trusted sites to generate a QR code, it allows you to generate a secured, high quality, customizable QR code.

  • Select URL option from the menu and paste your WhatsApp link

When you select the URL option from the menu it will provide you with a box to enter your WhatsApp link to generate your QR code. It provides you with two options i.e. to generate either a static QR or a dynamic QR. It is preferred if you select a Dynamic QR.

  • Customize your QR

Generating a Dynamic QR gives you the option of customizing the QR according to your business and your preferences. It helps in creating your own unique identity and in providing the customers with a special experience.

  • Test scan your QR

QR codes contain your contact and business information, so it is very important that there are no mistakes present in the QR. It is very important to try your QR first before distributing it to your customers.

  • Download your QR

After you have made sure that your QR works absolutely fine, download it in print quality or in vector files like SVG.

Now you can deploy your QR to the world either in print or in electronic form for your customers to easily access you on WhatsApp.

How to scan a WhatsApp QR Code

There are various ways to scan a WhatsApp QR Code:

1. Scan the QR code in person

Step 1) Open WhatsApp, go to settings

Step 2) Click on the QR code symbol present next to your profile picture. 

Step 3) Select scan code. 

Step 4) Place your camera above the QR code to be scanned. 

Step 5)  You can now add the contact that you have scanned. 

2. Using WhatsApp camera

Step 1) Open WhatsApp. 

Step 2) Click on the camera icon present on upper right corner. 

Step 3) Scan the QR code. 

Step 4) Tap Add to contacts. 

3. Using Photos

Step 1) Open WhatsApp, go to settings

Step 2) Click on the QR symbol. 

Step 3) Select QR code from pictures. 

Step 4) Add the contact that you have scanned. 

4. Through the new contacts screen

Step 1) Go to new chat option.

Step 2) Select the QR option next to ‘New contact’.

Step 3) Scan the QR by placing your phone above the QR code or through your pictures.

Step 4) Tap ‘Add to contacts’.

5. Through the WhatsApp chat camera

Step 1) Go to any of your WhatsApp chat.

Step 2) Open your WhatsApp camera by clicking on the camera icon.

Step 3) Scan the QR code either by placing it above the QR or through the pictures available on your phone.

Step 4) Add the contact to your phonebook.

How to edit pre-filled messages in your QR code?

WhatsApp QR code contains a customizable pre-filled message that pops up after the customer has scanned the QR. This message helps to encourage people to send a message and to start a conversation with your business.

Follow these steps to edit your pre-filled message:

  1. Go to message links tab, under link, select the QR code you want to edit
  2. In the message field, enter the text that you want to be displayed when the QR is scanned.
  3. Click save

The pre-filled message is changed.

How to delete a QR code?

Follow these steps to delete a QR code:

  1. Go to message links tab, under link, select the QR code you want to edit
  2. Under Actions, click on the delete icon.

The QR code is deleted.

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Sendwo can help businesses to scale their communication through WhatsApp QR codes is by allowing them to easily promote their WhatsApp account to a wider audience. By displaying their WhatsApp QR code on their website, social media profiles, or other marketing materials, businesses can make it easy for potential customers to scan the code and connect with them on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp QR : Where can you use it?

Now that the concept of WhatsApp QR code and how it helps to grow and optimize business is evidently clear. Let us also see the the different businesses where it is prominently used.

Small Companies and E-commerce businesses

WhatsApp business allows you to spread your business in a cheaper and more efficient way in comparison to other messaging apps and services. WhatsApp QR code helps to build a more comfortable way for customers to communicate with businesses.

WhatsApp QR helps businesses to place and track orders. It helps them communicate with customers freely regarding their orders, to register a complaint or to leave a feedback without having to wait for hours on call or waiting for a reply on mail.


WhatsApp QR can be used to place, track or cancel a order. Restaurants can display their WhatsApp QR code on menu or use a QR code menu to boost their sales.


Retail places can place their WhatsApp QR codes on their receipts, product packaging or in their stores. Customers can scan the QR code to redeem a voucher or coupon, to avail discounts, get a free product etc. This helps in building your brand and a loyal customer base.

Hospitality industry

WhatsApp QR codes can be used by Hotels, lodges and villas to book rooms instantly without any hassle.

WhatsApp QR code is one of the most efficient tools available in today’s market to help the customers easily communicate with your business and help the businesses grow

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