September 25, 2023

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Without Getting Banned 2023?

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Small to enterprise businesses, everyone is considering switching to WhatsApp marketing. Sending messages to customers over WhatsApp for businesses is not free. You need software to do that. Many businesses choose between the official WhatsApp business API platform vs. third-party unofficial software. They all have this common question: “How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned?”. In this blog, we will answer it for both official and unofficial WhatsApp business API platforms.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Without Getting Banned?

As the introduction mentions, you can choose an official API or 3rd party application. But, the question: “How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned?” is most common for people using the 3rd party unofficial WhatsApp business API-based software.

The authorized WhatsApp Business API is costly for any business to use. To reduce the cost of the overall WhatsApp marketing campaign, the unofficial version solves the challenge. But it comes with the banning issue. Though the process is cost-effective, it can never totally mitigate the risk of getting banned. Businesses must use the unofficial API-based platform extremely carefully and sensibly to minimize the risks of getting banned. 

Therefore, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind while using the unauthorized WhatsApp Business API for sending bulk messages so that you don’t get banned. Here are the most crucial ones:

1. Don’t Spam

While you are thinking of how to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned, spamming can kill your plans. The template and content of the WhatsApp message should manifest an exceedingly professional approach. There should be no unprofessional text, emoji or letters in the text that can risk making it look like spam.

Even if you are trying to add emojis, multimedia or any content apart from text, your message must comply with the WhatsApp commerce policies

When using the 3rd party unofficial API application, consider following the messaging limitation also. This sending limit applies to the official API platform, too. What is important even if you are planning to spam? Let’s explain this by understanding the process of warming up. Warming up is very important when understanding how to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned.

Tip: When you send your 1st message, take consent from receiver. Example: “Hey, we are spreading offer love on Nike shoes with 90% discounts, would you like to be in our promotional messages list? Reply with a NO if not interested”If receiver don’t reply then it is assumed that a conect to send message has been granted.

Check another example of a WhatsApp consent message template below.

2. Warm Up Your Number For Bulk Messaging 

Increase the number of message recipients slowly, day by day. For example, you can start by sending messages to 100 people on day 1, then 120 people on day two, and so on. This way, the number gets warmed up, and no instantaneous spam activity is reported against the number. This is a general recommendation by any 3rd party unofficial WhatsApp marketing software.

You can follow the Official API sending limit policy, too. Regardless of which platform you choose to send in bulk, follow the limit as defined by meta policy. Check the image below that Meta has defined for approving the bulk messaging warming-up limits.

It clearly shows that Meta advises you to send no more than 1000 messages in 1st hour.

[ Please note: this is applicable to businesses using the official WhatsApp business API. If you are using an unofficial API version then consider sending only 50% of what Meta has recommended in official WhatsApp API. ]

The limit of sending messages is increasing from 100 to 1000 in 36 hours.

Also read: How to send 1000 messages at once

Follow the same pattern at 50% growth in sending; this will help you get an answer on “how to send bulk Whatsapp messages.”

Read the official documentation of Meta to understand how you can increase your message-sending limits.

3. Send Messages at Appropriate Intervals

I assume you use a 3rd party unofficial API WhatsApp marketing software to send messages. In most of this software, you get the settings to set an interval between two sent messages.

It manipulates the algorithm to pretend you are talking to people on WhatsApp. In that conversation, you set the interval between each message sent to look natural.

We advise setting intervals as much as possible so that it feels like you are messaging multiple people at an interval.

4. Add 5 to 10 Contact Numbers

Sending bulk messages from one single number can be too risky. So, as you buy a third-party unofficial API WhatsApp marketing software, you can select the number of different WhatsApp numbers you can use for sending messages. So, if you want to set 8000 messages, that can be safely done in 1000 messages from eight different numbers.

That way, none of the numbers will be reported as spam. Also, since the recipient can not distinguish between the sender’s number as long as it is sent from a Whatsapp Business API, there will be no discrepancy in terms of business. 

In this way, Whatsapp will not be able to recognize or label your activity as spam.

5. Don’t Add Multi-Country Numbers in 1 Campaign 

The Whatsapp Business API has different pricing models for different country numbers. So, while running promotional campaigns, if you club numbers of various countries in the sender’s list, WhatsApp can easily trace you as a spammer, and there are high chances of getting blocked.

So, the ideal way is to include the numbers of a single country in one sender’s list at a time while sending bulk messages. 

However, even if you follow all these guidelines carefully, there are still chances that your WhatsApp Business account will get blocked by Meta. It is because you’re using the unofficial WhatsApp Business API. So, what’s the ultimate solution then?

The only solution for how to send bulk WhatsApp messages is using the authorized WhatsApp Business API. Using the official API and adhering to WhatsApp guidelines will prevent your number from getting blocked.

How to Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using A Whatsapp Business Account?

This is the foremost proven and best way to send WhatsApp bulk messages without being perceived as a scammer or banned. Using the Broadcast feature of WhatsApp, one can easily send a WhatsApp message to multiple recipients simultaneously. 

Here are the easy steps to use the WhatsApp Broadcast Feature on the WhatsApp Business interface to send bulk messages:

  • Open Whatsapp Business on the device and visit the Chats tab
  • On the top right corner, tap on the “New Message” section
  • A drop-down menu appears – select the “Broadcasts Lists” option from the same list, followed by “Create New”.
  • Now, it is time to assign a suitable name to the Broadcast list and add the contacts you would want to include in the list for them to receive the message.
  • Click on the “Create” option.
  • Again, re-visit the Chats tab and click on the newly created broadcast list.
  • Here is the moment for you – type the message in the text box and click the “Send” button. In no time, the message will be sent to all contacts included in the broadcast list. 

Why Choose this Process?

Here are the pros of choosing this method for WhatsApp bulk messaging:

Free to use

No need for message template approval

No tech speciality is needed for the setup

It can be used simultaneously for personal and business use.

However, one cannot include a contact in the broadcast list if the particular contact is not saved in their phone book.

Also, sending no more than 1000 messages per day is limited. If you want to send more than 1000 messages daily, you must get the WhatsApp Business API. or consider choosing a 3rd party unofficial WhatsApp business API.

How Sendwo Helps In Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages Without Getting Banned?

Sendwo is a WhatsApp marketing software that helps you send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned. It uses an anti-blocking feature that rotates the IP when you send bulk messages. It also has delay time settings.

Most importantly, Sendwo is the only application in the market that supports both Official and unofficial WhatsApp business API.

How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned using Sendwo’s unofficial WhatsApp Business API?

In Sendwo, you can scan your WhatsApp QR code inside the dashboard. This links your sender number.

Then, you can create multiple campaigns and send them to your specific customer list. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips strictly to avoid being banned. Watch the demo video below to understand how to send bulk Whatsapp messages without getting banned using the Sendwo unofficial app.

Find it interesting?

How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned using Sendwo’s Official WhatsApp Business API?

Sendwo also supports the official WhatsApp Business API. For businesses that want to 100% follow meta-sending compliance and maintain a green tick WhatsApp account, then Sendwo’s official API platform is best.

To use the Official WhatsApp business API platform of Sendwo, you must set up your API over your WhatsApp sending number.

Once done, you will get a WABA id and access token number, which you can add inside the official API platform and then run your bulk campaign using the more compliant way. For any support on setting up the API, you can directly contact Sendwo support over live website chat or contact us page

You have two options to choose from, either the official API or the unofficial API.

Our Recommendation: Use a mix of both to reduce your net WhatsApp marketing budget

Wrapping up on how to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned

Here is an honest conclusion. You will get banned regardless of the system you choose to use. Why? When you send bulk WhatsApp messages without obtaining consent from your receiver, some of them take it as a disturbance.

If you bulk send to millions of receivers, some will report you. In the official WhatsApp business API, they don’t ban you instantly. They reduce your phone number quality rating. It goes from High to medium and finally low.

This limits your per-day sending message limit. You can get banned instantly when using 3rd party unofficial WhatsApp marketing software. To avoid any issues, it is recommended that you use virtual numbers for WhatsApp.

So, don’t spam people, take consent before sending your next promotional message and follow the above tips that have answered your question on “How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned.”

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