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Business owners are using WhatsApp Business all over the world to scale their business by focusing on increased engagement with the audience and becoming a household brand which is driving sales.

Be it a small or medium to large-scale business, it has become easier for companies to build relationships, and respond with ease through WhatsApp for two-way interaction, and showcase their product. 

WhatsApp has recently shared,

“Using WhatsApp, we put our best face forward to customers as we rebounded from lockdowns that significantly impacted our industry. Boosting awareness of our brand through such a popular channel has contributed to a 200 percent increase in year-over-year sales."

You can find more such information and read the success stories of businesses using WhatsApp Business on 

In this blog, we'll help you learn about the different benefits of using WhatsApp Business to grow your business, engage with your customers, and how you can get the official business API to bring your business online.

18 Awesome WhatsApp Business Benefits You Must Know in 2023

From quick and reliable customer support to organizing contacts for categorical broadcasts, WhatsApp offers a variety of features you can benefit from. Let's check out the top 18 benefits of using Whatsapp Business.

1. Maximizing Efficiency Through Automated Messaging

Whatsapp Business allows business owners to simplify their workflow by automating responses to common queries. Although you will need API integration for the upgraded features. Still, with WhatsApp Business, you can schedule these pre-written messages to the audience or customer based on their predefined actions.

Some common examples of automated messages, when you are not available to respond, include: "Thank you for reaching out to us", "Hey, we are happy to help" etc. This feature not only saves time but also ensures effective interaction driving customer satisfaction. You can further customize these messages.

Many companies, nowadays, use WhatsApp Business API for marketing and providing real-time customer support through automation.

One such example can be seen in the company Lenskart, an Indian eyewear retail chain. It sends offers, and updates and allows customers to place orders. You can find it in the image below.

Lenskart sending automated messages using WhatsApp Business benefits

2. Increase Engagement With International Audience

WhatsApp Business allows industries to connect with audiences worldwide. One of the most reliable benefits is instant messaging.

Along with bridging the time and geographical gap, you can communicate internationally without spending additionally on international calls and SMS. It is not only cost-efficient but also supports multiple languages to communicate. 

This feature helps you to analyze the user's data and frame location-based marketing strategies to attract foreign traffic and convert them into potential leads or customers.

You can even create broadcast channels for sending regular updates and provide 24*7 customer support to your clients to enhance their trust in your brand. One such company is Amazon which has its customers worldwide and uses WhatsApp Business.

Amazon engaging with international audience using WhatsApp Business

3. Foster Seamless Workflow Using Two-Way Communication

To avoid miscommunication and for real-time messaging along with creating a responsive communication channel, WhatsApp Business benefits businesses through its two-way communication feature. Providing personalized answers and addressing queries has become much more efficient with this.

Customers can initiate chats, get order updates, and give feedback and insights for the product through WhatsApp Business.

Multimedia sharing and multilingual support have enhanced the quality of the conversation. One must not forget that this two-way communication also allows the companies to predefined solutions for some frequently asked queries leading to effective communication.

4. Boost Your Productivity With 24*7 Customer Support

Most of the brands provide 24*7 customer support promising real-time conversation along with the option of switching to "Talk with live agent" to get solutions to queries and build stronger relationships.

The agents can send multimedia texts including pictures, videos, locations, documents, etc for better assistance. Companies often use message templates to streamline responses such as order tracking, updates regarding shipments, etc.

WhatsApp Business supports multiple languages and the agents can address the customers by name to make the conversation more personalized. Once the issues are resolved, the feedback given by the user or the customer helps the company to improve the quality of its services.

5. Expand Your Business Through Marketing Campaigns

You must have noticed that once you purchase something from a brand that uses WhatsApp Business, you keep on receiving updates on all the future deals and offers along with all the special announcements for the subscriber. This strategy is none other than a type of marketing campaign. The business owners broadcast promotional messages to all the customers to reach a wider audience.

WhatsApp marketing automation helps to send automated bulk messages via the official WhatsApp Business account. These personalized messages are based on the user’s location and preferences.

A survey has proven that WhatsApp Marketing drives 27% more sales leads. Companies such as Netflix, Unilever, Lenskart, and Flipkart have been using WhatsApp Business for marketing campaigns.

Flipkart's grocery delivery campaign using WhatsApp business

According to the data on the internet, "Flipkart made the best use of WhatsApp, as the results were visible in only 2 short weeks. The company achieved 3.5x higher conversion, 7x higher number of quality leads, and a whopping USD 2.5 million in revenue."

If you're planning to create a WhatsApp campaign for your business, check out these awesome WhatsApp marketing campaigns run by some big brands.

6. Engage With Your Audience And Share Rich Content 

WhatsApp Business can be used only by businesses after they go through a verification process. This builds the trust of the customers.

Once you're a verified company, you can share multimedia files such as videos, images, documents, and locations with the size and format criteria set by WhatsApp. This rich content can be included in Appointment Scheduling, reports and updates, placing orders, etc.

Using WhatsApp Business, you can create interactive messages that include buttons that lead to specific actions like confirming an order, etc. You can also add links and URLs to your text message. For sharing information you can attach product catalogs and PDFs.

7. Analyze Data To Grow Sustainably 

Once you're clear about the customers' needs and preferences, it is much easier to serve them with a tailored service. WhatsApp interactions can help you with these insights. 

WhatsApp Business provides several Data Analytics such as audience segmentation and automation optimization which includes the division of the audience based on demographics and streamlining the workflow through automation. 

You can check the response rate, customer engagement, and success of marketing campaigns and analyze the feedback to improve your services. Another thing is you can calculate the Return on Investment for WhatsApp Business usage using a WhatsApp ROI Calculator. Data-driven decision-making not only leads to business growth but also detects your performance against industry standards and competitors. 

8. Collect Subscribers Using a QR Code

WhatsApp business QR code

Using a WhatsApp business account you can directly connect with customers and connecting with subscribers is now made easier by using QR codes.

You can now generate a WhatsApp Business number, and interested customers can scan it to start a conversation with your business. This can be a useful way to build your customer base and engage with them directly.

According to the data WhatsApp has provided

"WhatsApp Business QR codes are an easy way for customers to discover and reach out to your business. Existing and new customers can send you messages through the WhatsApp Business app by scanning your business account’s QR code. Your unique QR code won’t expire unless you reset it or delete your WhatsApp Business account."

Click on the link given above to find out how you can create a QR code for your business account.

Note: Learn how to make a WhatsApp business account through our step-by-step guide.

9. Retain Customers Through Personalization

Whatsapp Business advises you to use conversations to deliver personal experiences that accelerate the buyer journey and build long-lasting customer relationships.

It allows you to create a business profile with options of including essential information such as address, website, and business hours. Once you update all the information, WhatsApp takes its time to verify your account which increases the credibility. 

Personalization helps you to connect with customers by tailoring content, products, and services. It makes the customer feel valued and understood which builds a stronger bond.

When you offer personalized products, you technically convert leads into customers and hence this helps you boost sales.

10. Reduce Risks of Cyber Breaching With Security Feature

Security and privacy features offered by WhatsApp business

When a business protects customer's personal information, financial data, and intellectual property, it is indirectly gaining the trust and confidence of the customer.

The security feature of Whatsapp Business protects and safeguards sensitive data. The assurance of safe transactions makes customers comfortable with the service. 

Customer satisfaction gives your business a competitive edge in the marketplace. This increases brand reputation and contributes to the continuity of business operations. Security features prevent identity theft, credit card fraud, and online scams.

11. Protect User's Data Through GDPR Compliance

GDPR refers to General Data Protection Regulation which is an important regulation in the European Union for data privacy and protection.

GDPR compliance can benefit the users of WhatsApp business by ensuring that personal data like phone numbers, and addresses remain protected. Businesses, at times, would require the consent of the users before processing their data.

The customer has access to their data probability and the businesses are bound to provide transparency in data handling practices. Data deletions, data security, and accountability are the key factors that benefit the users the most.

12. Appointment Scheduling Offers Benefits in Service-oriented Industries

Appointment scheduling using WhatsApp business

Customers who have been using WhatsApp regularly find it much easier to book an appointment online directly through a few clicks and texts. This saves a lot of time and money for them. The real-time conversation bridges the time gaps as the company could efficiently respond to the appointments.

The increased visibility and personalized appointments with updates and follow-ups make it easier for both the company and the customer to manage their schedules.

Many e-commerce companies have been following this practice which has increased the traffic on their sites and simplified the process.

13. Stay Updated With Your Order Tracking

Order tracking feature on WhatsApp business

Once a customer has placed an order from your company, he/she can keep a check on its status by simply contacting your company directly through your WhatsApp Business Account.

You can send a confirmation, order number, and tracking details directly to your customers through WhatsApp chats for convenient tracking. 

A few other things that could prove to be beneficial are language preferences and delivery estimation time. Customer feedback is also collected through the Business account for further analysis. This makes the tracking more engaging and customer-centric.

14. Broadcast Lists

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a list of 256 contacts with whom you can broadcast the same message at a time. The advantage of this is, that you save time by not sending messages individually.

You can also create multiple broadcast messages and you can categorize them according to your filters, depending on timezone, culture, language, or other determinants.

Be it occasional brand graphics or greetings, broadcast messages keep you on top of your prospect and client's WhatsApp and minds.

15. Labels

Using labels on WhatsApp business

Creating labels is a way to group your chat contacts or even groups with particular labels for actions. For example, if you are scrolling through your WhatsApp contact list and suddenly recall sending someone a customized plan you have forgotten, you can put a label and if you find more contacts like that, you can label them together for future reference.

This is an incredible WhatsApp Business tool for businesses. You can efficiently organize contacts, allowing personalized interactions and improved response times. Categorize your chats, businesses prioritize urgent matters, and facilitate team collaboration. 

Labels also aid in tracking the customer journey and enhancing marketing strategies. This feature goes beyond organization, empowering businesses to streamline communication, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain valuable insights.

16. Run WhatsApp Ads

You can create and optimize your business profile to run WhatsApp ads. Strategize a broadcast list, craft some visually and readily appealing content so the viewers can engage, put a strong CTA, and monitor the data on CTR and customer responses.

This is a cost-effective process and if targeted properly can bring high engagement results from the palm of your hand with your mobile device.

17. Streamlined Order Processing and Payment

Order Processing and Payment using WhatsApp business

With WhatsApp Business, you can streamline your order processing and payment gates. With secure payment gateways integrated into the platform, customers can place orders, make payments, and receive confirmation, all within the same chat window.

This is beneficial for both you and your customer to keep track of all the purchases and can be added to the datasheet for further R&D and to modify your strategy or improve your product/ service.

18. WhatsApp Business Brings You Customer Insights

Last but not least, since people use WhatsApp regularly as their primary communication software, businesses are choosing to market through WhatsApp and capture their prospects and customers on this platform.

Having windows like catalogs and prices makes it easy for customers or prospects to interact and with that data, you can tailor your product/ service for better customer satisfaction.

These insights help you to stay ahead and make better decisions with the statistics for sustainable growth.

Moving One Step Ahead: WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

In this blog, we came across a lot of benefits of using WhatsApp Business API but businesses need to consider the limitations to using WhatsApp Business API and to ensure compliance with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines to avoid potential issues. One such issue is the message volume limit. You can send up to 1,000 messages per day to WhatsApp users.

Another issue that might arise is during the verification process for the WhatsApp Business account. To use certain features, your business needs to go through a verification process, which may take some time and could be restrictive for small businesses.

And for such problems, Meta has launched WhatsApp Business API as a solution. WhatsApp Business API usually involves a partnership with an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and there are associated costs and regulations that businesses need to stick to. This API is typically used by larger enterprises to create a more structured and professional interaction channel with their customers on WhatsApp.

Sendwo dashboard

API is generally of two types: official API and unofficial API. Sendwo is a platform that offers both API at affordable rates that includes various features. Learn how to set up and link your WhatsApp Business API with Sendwo.

We'll be discussing both APIs further in the blog.

Sendwo With Official WhatsApp Business API

Featured brands and businesses should opt for an official business API and increase the features of WhatsApp Business overcoming the limitations. 

The popular features offered by Sendwo for official business API include:

We understand the cost of official APIs is relatively higher and to serve the same purpose, Sendwo also offers unofficial APIs.

Sendwo With Unofficial WhatsApp Business API

The features offered by Sendwo with unofficial API include:

You need to be very careful and specific while using unofficial API as WhatsApp may detect and ban your number. But you need not worry, we have solutions to all your problems 

In case you're a small business owner, you don't have to limit your business with WhatsApp Business. Try our 7-day free trial of API and figure out the difference. 

If you're looking for someone to set up the API for you, Sendwo is your one-stop destination. Our teams of experts will help you not only with setting up the API but also will help you to get an interface if you have an API installed.

Sign up on Sendwo API-based WhatsApp marketing software and get a 7 days free trial.

Wrapping It Up

WhatsApp Business is a need of the hour for businesses of all kinds. With its unique features and accommodating tools for business, it has become a must-have.

If you are running a service-based company or a product-based company, you can make your business profile, showcase your catalogs, and prices, even run ads, set up auto-responses like greetings and away messages, and also organize the texts with label features.

If you enjoy all these features and want to scale it forward, getting a WhatsApp Business API and integrating it with a marketing tool like Sendwo for a dashboard and better management will do your business wonders.

Business owners understand the importance of chatbots and how they help in their business communication.

From answering incoming queries from their 24*7 availability to being able to auto-curate personalized responses to prospects and customers regularly, chatbots are an inevitable part of businesses online.

WhatsApp launched its chatbot that you can access through WhatsApp Business API. Since we are all very accustomed to WhatsApp Messenger, friendly interaction made it very significant in recent days.

Today, we will discuss 13 WhatsApp bot examples and how big brands are leveraging the tool.

13 WhatsApp Bot Examples To Take Inspiration For Your Business

Like any other chatbots, WhatsApp chatbots are programmed with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to interact with humans. They are the virtual chat support whenever you land on a website, and you have some queries that you would like to get answered right at the moment.

The best part of WhatsApp chatbots is that they have a conversation with us in the usual interface of WhatsApp messenger that we are so used to answering instantly and is available 24/7.

As business owners, you are assigning a virtual assistant to your business with chatbots. Let’s look at 13 WhatsApp bot examples of how some renowned brands implemented WhatsApp chatbots.

1. Paisabazaar

Paisabazaar is one of the leading-edge platforms to get lifetime free credit scores and reports along with access to the best deals on cards, loans, insurance, and investments.

Being a digital consumer credit marketplace, they have launched the most user-friendly way of communication, i.e., through WhatsApp Chatbot.

Once you sign up for Paisabazaar, it provides you with an option of getting updates through WhatsApp Messenger

Paisabazaar signup page

This feature allows the customers to interact seamlessly and get personalized responses at any time of the day. 

The key feature of Paisabazaar's WhatsApp Chat Bot is that from sharing reminders and updates like other insurance companies, it shares your credit score report directly through WhatsApp. 

Paisabazaar WhatsApp chatbot

2. Upstox

Upstox claims to be the one-stop destination when it comes to stock market trading, with more than 1 crore Indian members. This real stock broker offers retail trading services and allows the users to trade in stocks, digital gold, mutual funds, futures, etc, through a Demat Account. 

If you're a WhatsApp Business API user, you can enjoy the benefits of Upstox's personalized guidance and workflow through better engagement within a few texts through your WhatsApp messenger. 

Upstox WhatsApp chatbot

Along with benefiting the traders, the use of WhatsApp Chatbot has helped Upstox to increase its sales exponentially. 

Registering your number at Upstox enables it to send you messages through WhatsApp. 

Upstox sign up page

3. JioMart WhatsApp Bot by Reliance

JioMart, as the name itself suggests, is a platform that provides online as well as offline grocery services. It provides you with the facility to shop online from a wide range of categories, including groceries, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, jewelry, toys, books, and a lot more, and get it delivered to your doorstep.

JioMart WhatsApp Bot by Reliance

Being run by Reliance, JioMart experienced an increase in the traffic on their sites, which made them realize the need for automated customer support. 

A survey has shown that WhatsApp ChatBot has helped JioMart resolve 80% of their queries and reduce the response time by 60%.

Now, you can even place your order through WhatsApp. This has also helped the customers to keep an update on their order status, delivery status, replacement requests, and refund queries all in one place.

JioMart and Meta collaboration

4. Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is India's leading health and hygiene brand that is a multi-product organization striving towards helping everyone live a better and healthier life. It allows you to choose from a wide range of water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and many more products at the Forbes store. 

Eureka Forbes WhatsApp chatbot

It created a WhatsApp chatbot to resolve the issue of increased traffic and overwhelmed customer service.

More than 1 million people have engaged with Eureka through WhatsApp, which has helped them to choose the best by recommending various products.

5. Oyo Hotel 

Oyo Hotel, also known as Oyo Rooms or Oyo Homes, is an Indian multinational chain of hotels. This platform allows small businesses with hotels, homes, and rooms to increase earnings and help guests find affordable and trustworthy places to stay.

To reach more guests, manage many conversations with customers simultaneously, and decrease response time, Oyo Rooms has set up its WhatsApp chatbot.

These Chatbots can transfer the chatbot conversation to live agents to provide the customers with overall satisfaction, make bookings, and support productivity. This has helped Oyo to attract the audience at a larger scale.

Oyo Hotel WhatsApp chatbot

Find more information related to hospitality chatbots here.

6. H&M

This Renowned global fashion and design company has around 4800 stores in more than 75 countries and has a hold in the online market in more than 60 countries. H&M, along with Meta, now works as your Stylist. 

It collects feedback from the customer according to their preference of size, color, style, etc, and aligns the searches accordingly. Talking to a Chatbot rather than a human has resulted in quick and better responses.

7. Uber

With operating in over 70 countries and 10,500 cities, Uber Technologies Inc. has proven to be one of the best food delivery and transport partners, along with their ride-hailing services. 

In 2022, In India, Uber decided to expand the access to their services by connecting the riders and drivers to the users through WhatsApp.

Uber WhatsApp Chatbot

Through Uber's Whatsapp Chatbot, you can do everything within a few clicks, from user registration to booking a ride, getting the trip receipt, etc.

In the following image, you can find the steps to book Uber through WhatsApp. 

Book your Uber through WhatsApp


United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, or UNICEF, is an agency of the United Nations that provides aid for the welfare of Children worldwide. 

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic led to the urgent need to spread trustworthy healthcare information online.  The quickest and most convenient way was to spread it through the direct UNICEF Whatsapp Chatbot rather than passing on the forwarded messages. Tried and tested blueprints were used to help users.

UNICEF Whatsapp Chatbot

9. Domino’s Pizza

Once you sign in to Domino's official website with your phone number, it asks you to permit location tracking.

From then on, it’s as easy as asking your friend to come over with food for lunch. You chat with Domino's WhatsApp bot and ask it to track your location and the order and pay, all from WhatsApp without leaving the app.

What’s Dominos getting out of it? They are collecting user data and drawing a personalized tone of conversation and preferences to keep the user coming back again and again.

Domino’s Pizza WhatsApp chatbot

10. AirAsia

AirAsia launched their AirAsia Virtual Allstar (AVA) on WhatsApp, through which passengers can text “hi” and get started with all their queries.

You can ask the bot about booking a flight to check eligible offers.

AirAsia Virtual Allstar (AVA)

11. IndiGo 

You can chat with IndiGo’s chatbot, Dottie, from WhatsApp by texting a “hi.”

IndiGo WhatsApp Chatbot

The WhatsApp bot can help you with flight booking, payment, and different commonly asked questions.

While these chatbots are increasingly updating themselves, they surely are helping people in ways even humans could not have done at a similar pace.

12. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is one of the leading travel booking and solution-providing platforms. To ease a traveler's journey by planning the best package, they launched their WhatsApp chatbot that shares the best deal offers and notifications about traveling.

One of the out-of-the-box features of the chatbot is it provides you with the ticket status just by writing the PNR number to the chatbot.

MakeMyTrip WhatsApp Chatbot

13. Amazon

Looking for a one-stop destination that sells books, music, and movies along with all the facilities of an online mart? 

Amazon will solve your purpose. Being a vast internet-based company, it attracts not only retailers but also middlemen targeting all sectors of society. To maintain a smooth interaction between the buyers and the sellers,  it has come up with the idea of WhatsApp Chatbot.

One of the biggest advantages of using Amazon WhatsApp chatbot is that you can track your orders and subscriptions and get all your queries resolved within the WhatsApp software.

Wrapping It Up

It is easy to communicate virtually with the discovery of WhatsApp. There's no doubt that the software has made our day-to-day life easier with its user-friendly interface.

But the technology really paid off when companies like Jio, Uber, etc. started using WhatsApp Chatbot to communicate with their customers and made shopping and transactions seamless.

From occasionally promoting the business to receiving orders and transactions, WhatsApp Chatbot is the real deal.

Is there anyone who’s not using WhatsApp today? Connecting with others is seamless with texting, voice, or video calling with WhatsApp. But today, we will talk about the use of WhatsApp in Business, with a dedicated application called WhatsApp Business.

Since WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app, connecting with your prospects and customers through WhatsApp is easier than other platforms. Due to its user-friendly interface and people spending most of their time on the day on WhatsApp, messages have a 98% opening rate.

The above are very strong reasons why businesses are opting for communication and marketing through WhatsApp. Let’s discuss how you can scale your business with WhatsApp Business and automation.

What is WhatsApp Automation?

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp automation means automating your communication and marketing strategy using the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. Since there’s a limitation to the in-built features, you can take support of different 3rd party WhatsApp marketing solution tools like SendWo. Since WhatsApp is a messaging application, businesses can announce any new offer or send recurring promotional messages to customers and prospects with a dedicated CTA button.

For example, if you want to do WhatsApp marketing and send messages in bulk without getting banned, Sendwo has curated a bulk WhatsApp sender tool to reduce manual work and maintain all of the data through a dashboard. And if your customers have queries and it’s outside your business hours, WhatsApp chatbot is available 24*7 to help them out with chat support.

Let’s look at the benefits of WhatsApp automation in detail.

5 Benefits of WhatsApp Automation for Businesses

While there are multiple WhatsApp automation benefits, we have covered the top 5 of them for you to make a conscious decision and try it yourself.

  1. Automate Engagement: Through WhatsApp automation, you can engage with your customers, share promotional updates with CTAs, and greet them occasionally.
  2. Customer Support: You can provide chat support to your customers, 24*7, via chatbot about inquiries on your product/ services instantly.
  3. Feedback: Through WhatsApp automation, you can collect feedback from your customers and improve your service/ product or change the WhatsApp marketing strategy.
  4. Catalog: WhatsApp Business allows you to create product and service catalogs with pricing that helps your customers make instantaneous decisions, with the full information displayed in front of them. And even if they have some queries, their message can be answered instantly with the chatbot.
  5. Marketing: WhatsApp automation enables you to run marketing campaigns personalized to individual preferences. Since it is hard to track these customers manually, automation collects their past preferences and curates offers, which leads to higher buy rates.

Key Components of WhatsApp Automation

Key Components of WhatsApp Automation

The following components can transform the communication between your brand and customers. With these automation tools, conversation rates go high, and you can offer instant responses, etc. 

How To Use WhatsApp Automation Using WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business comes with various useful business tools, which include two automated messaging features. The first one automatically sends a greeting message whenever someone texts you after a gap of 14 days. You can customize the message as well as the recipients list. The second feature sends an away message depending on how you schedule it to work. Mostly, it is used to reply to incoming messages after the business hours set by you.

Fortunately, both of them are free. So, if you are new to automation, these will help you understand how beneficial WhatsApp automation is to your business communication.

Steps of Using WhatsApp Business to Automate Messages

Using WhatsApp Business to Automate Messages

Let’s look at how you can automate messages with WhatsApp Business:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Business application and fire it.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Check the Business tools.
  4. Tap on the greeting and away message option.
  5. Click to turn on the option.
  6. You can use the default message on it or customize the message by clicking on the pen icon.

You are all set to use the built-in automated messaging tool of WhatsApp Business.

Limitations of WhatsApp Business

Although these features are great and amazing for small business owners, there are a few limitations to using the built-in feature.

  1. You have a broadcast messaging cap of 1,000 messages in a 24-hour cycle.
  2. The auto-reply works only when a customer sends you a message after 14 days of gap, or they have messaged after your business hours.
  3. There is no option to track the analytics of how the automation tool is performing.
  4. You can’t integrate a chatbot, third-party tools, or CRM to access your customer’s purchase details and preferences.
  5. There’s no CTA; hence, even if you try a marketing strategy with WhatsApp Business, it won’t be automated, and you have to do lots of manual work.

But if you have a medium to large size business, it’s wise to get WhatsApp Business API and integrate it with third-party tools.

WhatsApp Automation Using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Automation Using WhatsApp Business API

Getting WhatsApp Business API isn’t tough. If you already have an account, follow the steps to launch your automation journey. If you are yet to get WhatsApp Business API, Go through these requirements and follow the next steps.

Alternatively, we can help you get your WhatsApp Business API account and integrate it with our user-friendly interface.

Launch the tool on your computer, enter all the credentials, and go to the dashboard.

Follow these 3 simple steps and launch your WhatsApp automation effortlessly.

  1. You can set up greetings and messages for non-business hours with more control of customization.
  2. Now, set up the off-hours according to your time zone and business closing time.
  3. You can create different API or broadcasting campaigns and use message templates to send promotional content.

However, we offer support for two different APIs - official and unofficial. While the official one is expensive, it is more secure than the unofficial one, which is prone to getting banned.

How Businesses Can Leverage WhatsApp Automation Using Sendwo?

How to use WhatsApp automation using Sendwo

There are multiple ways you can use Sendwo to leverage WhatsApp automation.

  1. Depending on your business size, you can opt for different plans serving your automation purposes. The coolest feature is bulk messaging, which is a big option for WhatsApp marketing.
  2. You can use it to scrap the location of your customer through Google Maps and customize different offers based on zip codes, which gives your business an authentic touch.
  3. Every business deploys a chatbot nowadays, but what’s better with Sendwo’s chatbot is the media integration in the tool.
  4. Specific messages that have a product or service ad can have a CTA that can help you close such clients with the button options in the message.
  5. Another useful feature is exporting the contacts into a group, which helps you with the segregation of customers and the messages sent to them.  

You can set up the automation tool in very easy steps:

  1. Open the Sendwo tool on your PC. 
  2. Fill your WhatsApp Business Account ID and your access token. 
  3. Write down the promotional message in the message template. 
  4. Submit the message template for approval via WhatsApp.
  5. Once you receive the approval, move to Campaigns and create a campaign by adding your target message and necessary information. 
  6. Add your contact list for  
  7. Schedule the time for sending the messages.

Sendwo sets up your WhatsApp Business API with the tool with absolutely zero cost and also gives you the choice of going with the official API or an unofficial API. The difference is simply that one is more expensive than the other, but the cheaper one, i.e., the unofficial one, is prone to be banned.

WhatsApp Automation Using Sendwo With Official API

We have previously discussed the benefits of using WhatsApp automation in brief. Let’s talk about what are the things you can do with the official WhatsApp Business API from Sendwo in detail.

1. Lead Generation with WhatsApp Automation

Lead Generation with WhatsApp Automation

Utilize Sendwo's WhatsApp Business solution to automate lead generation processes, engaging potential clients and capturing valuable information seamlessly.

2. Sales Management with WhatsApp Automation

Sales Management with WhatsApp Automation

Boost your sales efforts by automating personalized product recommendations, order confirmations, and follow-ups, ensuring efficient sales management and improved customer satisfaction.

3. Abandoned Cart Automation with WhatsApp

Abandoned Cart Automation with WhatsApp

Combat cart abandonment effectively by implementing automated messages on WhatsApp, encouraging customers to complete their purchases, and providing instant assistance.

4. Campaign Management with WhatsApp Automation

Campaign Management with WhatsApp Automation

Send targeted promotions, event invites, and updates directly to your audience's WhatsApp, ensuring higher open rates and better campaign management.

5. Performance Marketing Ads Automation with WhatsApp

Optimize your advertising strategy by automating performance marketing ads on WhatsApp, reaching potential customers with tailored content, and driving conversions.

6. Chatbot Automation with WhatsApp

Enhance customer experience with intelligent chatbots that provide instant responses, answer queries, and guide users through various stages, all powered by Sendwo's WhatsApp Business API.

7. Website Chat Support with WhatsApp

Website Chat Support with WhatsApp

Offer real-time website chat support through WhatsApp, enabling visitors to connect with your business instantly, enhancing customer satisfaction, and building trust.

WhatsApp Automation Using Sendwo With Unofficial API

If you have a tight fund to start, we also offer an unofficial WhatsApp Business API on Sendwo for you.

1. Auto Responders

Auto Responders for WhatsApp Business

Automate quick responses to customer inquiries, ensuring immediate acknowledgment and improving engagement even without the official WhatsApp Business API.

2. Chatbot

Chatbots for WhatsApp Business

Implement basic chatbot functionalities to handle frequently asked questions and provide automated assistance, enhancing user experience and saving time for both customers and your team.

3. Bulk Schedule Messaging

Bulk Schedule Messaging for WhatsApp Business

Leverage the power of bulk scheduled messaging to reach a wider audience, promoting your products, services, or events efficiently, all within budget, using the unofficial WhatsApp API.

Sign up on Sendwo API-based WhatsApp marketing software to leverage WhatsApp automation

7 Use Cases for WhatsApp Automation

We have previously discussed the benefits of using WhatsApp automation in brief. Let’s talk about it in detail.

7 Best Practices for Effective WhatsApp Automation

Best Practices for Effective WhatsApp Automation

While we are talking about automation tools, it still needs the correct setup and best practices to get the optimum output.

We have listed down the 7 most effective practices to follow.

Wrapping It Up

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most important business communication tools. Customers can get in touch with the business without even opening the actual shopping app. Hence, businesses can capitalize on using WhatsApp Business, integrating it with other third-party tools, and staying in constant touch with their customers.

We can hope that business and marketing with WhatsApp are going to be even better with the addition of more built-in features that can help small business owners operate without resorting to other third-party tools.

Until then, use WhatsApp Business and integrate the API with our Sendwo automation tool to get the best out of your business with WhatsApp Business and marketing journey.

WhatsApp business greeting messages are an excellent fill-in to a warm handshake and a welcoming smile.

If you are a business, you must already be aware of the power of greeting messages. However, if you have just begun, you should know the importance of WhatsApp business greeting messages. 

Long story short, these messages are sent specifically to customers when they start a WhatsApp discussion with a certain company. Now, considering that these greetings are the customer's initial point of contact with your brand, they are extremely crucial in building a good first impression.

Let's look into it briefly! 

40 WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages That Guarantee a Memorable First Impression

WhatsApp greeting messages help clients feel acknowledged and valued, which eventually promotes a positive relationship with your business.

In other words, when you send greetings on WhatsApp, you humanize your brand by demonstrating that there are actual people behind it, which in turn boosts your customer engagement. That said, here are 40 WhatsApp introduction messages that ensure a smooth and lasting impression.

Let's begin! 

General WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages

General WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages

This category helps to set the tone for any conversation. By sending these messages, you can make your customers feel welcome and valued.


Greetings from [Your Business Name].

How can we assist you today?

Greetings from [Your Business Name].

We are overjoyed to have you here!


We appreciate your interest in [Your Business Name].

Explore our products and services here in detail.

Hello and welcome to [Your Business Name]!

We're delighted to have you here. How can we assist you today?

Feel free to ask any questions or share your needs with us.

WhatsApp Greeting Messages For New Customers

Well, as they say, first impressions are the last impressions. Send these special texts to your new customers today and show your appreciation.

Thank you for visiting our online store, [Customer Name].

Got questions?

Feel free to look around and drop a question!

We are thrilled to have you aboard, [Customer Name]!

Make your first purchase ASAP and grab an exclusive 20% discount right away!

Hello there, new friend!

Tap here and unlock your ticket to a mind-blowing discount as our token of appreciation.

Yours Truly, [Your Business Name].

Opt-in Greeting Messages

Opt-in Greeting Messages

Opt-in messages are basically a polite way to invite customers to engage further with your business. Here's how to do it. 

Want to stay updated with our latest offers?

Reply "YES" and join the list of receiving exclusive updates right away!

Ready for personalised recommendations?

Reply "START" to enhance your shopping experience within a click!

Hey [Customer Name]!

Join our VVIP club and get access to our exclusive perks and early offers way before!

Reply "VVIP" and be our early bird. 

Greeting Messages On WhatsApp During Festivals & Special Events

Celebrate festivals, spread holiday cheers, share thoughtful messages, and ring special events with positive messages. Here are a few examples!

Diwali Greeting Messages for WhatsApp Business

Wishing you a Diwali filled with joy, light and prosperity [Customer Name].

Happy sparkling Diwali from [Your Business Name].

May the festival of Diwali illuminate your life with joy and success, [Customer Name].

Warm wishes from [Your Business Name].

This Diwali, let's come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness!

Best wishes from [Your Business Name].

Christmas Greeting Messages for WhatsApp Business

Merry Christmas, [Customer Name].

May your day be merry, bright, and cheerful!

Ho Ho Ho! [Customer Name]

Wishing you a magical Christmas filled with love, warmth, and happiness.

From all of us at [Your Business Name].

It's that time of the year [Customer Name].

Spread love, laughter, and joy this Christmas!

Merry Christmas from [Your Business Name].

Greeting Messages for New Year 2023

As we step into 2023, may it bring you immense success, happiness, and endless possibilities.

Happy New Year from [Your Business Name]!

Raise a toast to new beginnings!

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with success and happiness.

[Your Business Name].

May the upcoming year be filled with exciting adventures and achievements.

Happy 2023 from [Your Business Name],

[Customer Name].

Order Confirmation Welcome Messages

Order Confirmation Welcome Messages

This is the most important message that you need to send if you are an online business. Send these order confirmation messages to your customers and give them the ultimate peace of mind. 

Your order #[Order Number] has been confirmed!

Sit tight and expect the delivery within [Delivery Time (days)].

Thanks for choosing [Your Business Name].

Your package of surprise #[Order Number] is on its way!

Order received, [Customer Name]

#[Order Number] is being processed.

Track your delivery status here at ease!

Deliver Welcome Discount Messages

Deliver Welcome Discount Messages

Reward your customers with a welcoming message and discount when they choose your business. 


Your order is on its way.

Meanwhile, tap here to unlock a discount of 15% on your next purchase.

Hi [Customer Name].

Thank you for trusting us!

As a token of appreciation, we are offering you 15% off your next order at [Your Business Name].


Thanks for choosing us, [Customer Name]!

Your 20% welcome discount is ready to be redeemed on your next purchase.


Collect More Information Welcome Messages

This category helps you to enhance your customer understanding and tailor your services with the collected information. 

Hey, [Customer Name].

To serve you better, we have created a survey sheet for you!

Could you please share your preferences with us? 

Help us personalize your experience, [Customer Name]!

Share your interests and preferences with [Your Business Name] by tapping on the survey link below! 

We value your feedback!

Take a moment to tell us about your preferences and interests.

Tap to participate in the survey now! 

Reply With Your Business Hours Messages

Reply With Your Business Hours Messages

This helps you to keep your customers informed about your availability with clear business hour messages.

Hi, [Customer Name].

Our business hours are [Business Hours].

Feel free to reach out during these times.

Need assistance?

Reach us during our operating hours, [Business Hours], and get immediate support.

Thank you for contacting us, [Customer Name]!

We are available to assist you from [Business Hours].

Collect Lead Messages

By sending these compelling messages, you can gather valuable leads for your business right away.

Interested in our newsletter?

Drop your email/subscribe to our channel and stay updated with our latest offers.

Grab the exclusive content and offers right away by sharing your email.

Join our community today.

Ready to receive [Your Business Name] updates?

Share your email ID and be an early bird to access special promotions and offers.

Customer Support Greeting Examples

These friendly and helpful greeting messages for WhatsApp will show the exceptional customer support that your business provides.

Welcome to our customer support!

How can we assist you today, [Customer Name]?

Hello [Customer Name]!

We heard you needed our help!

Our support team is right here to help.

What can we do for you?

Need assistance?

We're just a message away.

How can we make your day better?

Away Welcome Messages

Away Welcome Messages

This is to inform customers that you are temporarily away.


We are currently away but will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to browse our website in the meantime.

Thank you for reaching out!

Our team is away at the moment, but we will be back shortly to assist you.

Apologies for the delay.

We will be back to help you in [Expected Time].

In the meantime, you might want to explore our FAQ section for answers! 

How To Send WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages Using Sendwo?

sendwo official whatsapp api platform

Moving forward, while businesses may send these WhatsApp greeting messages with ease, sometimes it gets a little challenging when it comes to the technicalities. This is where Sendwo comes into the picture. 

In a nutshell, Sendwo is your go-to tool for sending WhatsApp business introduction messages. It streamlines the entire procedure and makes sure that your messages create a lasting impression on your customers. 

Irrespective of the WhatsApp Business API you've got (official or unofficial), Sendwo assists in sending bulk messages without getting banned on WhatsApp. In case you have not registered for the API yet, Sendwo is just a call away!

The team will help you in getting it at ease. That said, follow the steps below to send WhatsApp Greeting messages to your clients upon registering your API.

Note: In case you are using the official WhatsApp Business API, you will have to obtain approval for the WhatsApp message template via the WhatsApp Manager Dashboard. Alternatively, you can also create the template inside Sendwo and request for the official approval. However, if you're using an unauthorized API, you can send your messages instantly. You do not have to wait for WhatsApp to approve your greeting messages.

Sign up on Sendwo API-based WhatsApp marketing software to send WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages in bulk.

Wrapping It Up

In today's time, WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages are a kick-start way to create a lasting impression and develop long-lasting customer relationships. We hope these messages will help you build excellent relations with your customers and ultimately leverage your customer engagement. Good luck! 

WhatsApp has grown to be an established platform for both personal and professional conversations. Creating a room for all types of communication, including audio messages, text messages, audio calls, and video calls, WhatsApp offers various methods for sharing different forms of media as well. 

However, sending PDFs on WhatsApp can sometimes become challenging due to several factors. At times, the application might reject files, or perhaps users can't seem to locate the files in their devices that they want to transfer to other mobile devices. Whichever the circumstance might be, this blog lists step-by-step instructions on how to send PDF in WhatsApp effectively.

Let's dive in! 

How to Send a PDF in WhatsApp?

Irrespective of the type of file you wish to send; a compressed PDF, an image, or any other supported file; on WhatsApp, the process is quite simple and easy to follow. Below is a step-by-step process to send a PDF via WhatsApp on iPhone, Android, and PC/Web. 

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on iPhone?

Here are the steps for how to send PDF in WhatsApp on an iPhone:

  1. First things first, launch the WhatsApp application. 
  2. Select the contact whom you wish to start a conversation with. 
  3. Select "Document" from the drop-down menu by clicking the '+' sign next to the text input field right at the bottom. 
  4. Choose the desired PDF from your phone or iCloud. 
  5. Hit SEND in the top right corner of the screen. And voila! This will immediately send the PDF to the designated recipient via WhatsApp.

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Android?

Now, let's understand how to send PDF in WhatsApp on Android:

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Android
  1. Launch the WhatsApp application. 
  2. Select the desired contact to start a conversation. 
  3. Tap the 📎 icon at the bottom of the chat screen. 
  4. Select Document from the options that appear. 
  5. Find the PDF file you wish to send. Then, click the send arrow in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Web and PC?

If you're using WhatsApp web, then here are the steps for how to send PDF in WhatsApp on a PC:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app and chat page where you want to share a PDF file. 

Step 2: Tap on the plus icon at the bottom left corner of the conversation. This will show you all the file-sharing options. 

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Web and PC?

Step 3: Next, choose the Document option. 

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Web and PC?

Step 4: Select the desired PDF and click the send icon at the lower right corner of the window. This will send your PDF to the designated contact or group.

How to Send PDF in WhatsApp on Web and PC?

However, it is important that you connect your desktop/PC or laptop to your mobile WhatsApp. This is a mandate before sending a PDF via WhatsApp on the web or a computer. 

To connect the devices, open WhatsApp Web or your desktop WhatsApp. A QR code will appear on the screen. Open your mobile WhatsApp. Go to the 'Settings' option. Choose 'Linked Devices' from the option. Next, click 'Link a Device'. Point the mobile camera on the screen and scan the QR code on the computer screen. This will connect your mobile WhatsApp to your web WhatsApp. 

How To Send PDF in WhatsApp Business? 

If you don't know about it, WhatsApp Business steals the show for a myriad of reasons. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business allows businesses to send multiple messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. What's more, is that it is completely free to use for basic messaging needs. 

If you are a business and want to send PDFs to your customers via WhatsApp, you must have a WhatsApp Business account first. Once you set that up, follow the steps below to send PDF files. 

  1. Go to the chat page. Select the contact to whom you want to send the PDF.
  2. Look for the clip icon. It will resemble a paperclip, similar to the normal WhatsApp. Click on it.
  3. Next, select 'Documents' from the list of options that appear. 
  4. Browse and select the PDF file you want to send from your device.
  5. Hit Send. And there you go! 

Although you can use the free version of WhatsApp Business to send PDFs to your customers, but in a limited manner. If you want to send PDFs through bulk messaging without getting banned, you will have to get your hands on the WhatsApp Business API extended by Meta.

Getting a WhatsApp Business API helps your business marketing strategies shine like none other. You can send unlimited PDF files, texts, and documents to an unlimited number of customers. However, it costs quite more for every message you send. That’s where you can use the unofficial WhatsApp Business API provided by Sendwo.

Sign up on Sendwo API-based WhatsApp marketing software to send PDFs on WhatsApp in bulk.

Meta has certain restrictions with regard to the use of unofficial WhatsApp Business API and might ban your business number in case they detect excessive use. To avoid such disruptions to your business, it is always advisable to get the official WhatsApp Business API.

How To Send PDF To Your Customers in WhatsApp Using Sendwo?

sendwo official whatsapp api platform

Sendwo is the only application in the market that supports both official and unofficial WhatsApp Business API.

Now, integrating the WhatsApp Business API can undoubtedly be a technical challenge for lots of businesses that have just started/are small. Or, there are lots of businesses that have not got their hands on a WhatsApp Business account yet. 

Under such circumstances, Sendwo is here to assist. Our team of technical experts can guide you throughout the integration process, thereby ensuring a smooth transition to WhatsApp Business with the accurate API functionality. 

Furthermore, if you are a business and have already got the API, you must be aware that you will need an interface or dashboard to make the most of it. This is where Sendwo enters the picture again. We provide a user-friendly dashboard that does nothing but simplify your WhatsApp Business operations smoothly. 

Once you get your API registered, here's how to send PDF in the easiest way possible. 

  1. Launch Sendwo via PC/laptop. 
  2. Enter your WhatsApp Business Account ID and your access token. 
  3. Add the PDF in the message template. 
  4. Submit the message template for approval via WhatsApp.
  5. Once you receive the approval, move to Campaigns and create a campaign by adding your target message and necessary information. 
  6. Next, add your contact list. 
  7. Schedule the time for sending the files, and Voila! You're done. Sendwo takes care of everything else! 

WhatsApp Business is a robust platform for businesses to offer seamless customer communication. However, to harness the advantages and capabilities and stay within the guidelines of Meta, it is imperative to consider the official WhatsApp Business API and leverage the expertise of Sendwo to avoid potential pitfalls. 

Use official WhatsApp Business API With SENDWO to send PDFs in bulk

For any support on setting up the API, you can directly contact Sendwo support over live website chat or contact us page.

You have two options to choose from: either the official API or the unofficial WhatsApp Business API.

Our Recommendation: Use a mix of both to reduce your net WhatsApp marketing budget.

Wrapping It Up

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred and the most terrific ways to exchange PDF files within seconds while maintaining the excellent standard of the text and visuals. We hope this blog pretty much sums up all the essential steps to send a PDF file via WhatsApp effectively. Not to forget, if you want extra security, you can enable the fingerprint feature in WhatsApp. This will protect your folders and files and you can rest assured that no one using your smartphone can share them via WhatsApp. 


1. If the recipient doesn't have a PDF reader, can they open the PDF file?

No, the recipient's mobile device should have a PDF reader. The mobile device will fail to view and access the PDF file without one. However, there is no need to install any reader on a PC.

2. Is it possible to send a PDF to several people at once?

Yes, you can choose to send a PDF to 5 contacts at once, irrespective of what device you are using (mobile WhatsApp or web WhatsApp). 

3. Why am I unable to share PDFs using WhatsApp?

There might be a number of reasons why you are unable to transfer a PDF file on WhatsApp. Some include,

- Your PDF document is corrupt. 
- Your WhatsApp is outdated. You have not updated it to the latest version. 
- You crossed the file size limit. 
- The PDF you are sharing might contain sensitive information or copyright information. WhatsApp enforces strict privacy policy to prevent copyright violations. 

4. Do I have the option to preview a PDF file before sharing it?

You can have a preview of the first page of your PDF on WhatsApp mobile app. However, you cannot have a preview of the file while sharing it through the WhatsApp web. 

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